Allegra and Ruby got a surprise visit from our dear friend Robin Olson of Covered in Cat Hair last week. Robin was in town for BlogPaws. She’d been wanting to meet the girls two years ago when BlogPaws was held at Tysons Corner as well, and this year, we finally managed to find the time to make it happen.

Allegra, who loves visitors, took to Robin right away. She greeted her at the door, and led the way upstairs into our living room. Ruby, who tends to be a little more cautious with people she doesn’t know, didn’t take long to warm up to Robin, either. But why don’t I let the girls tell you about Robin’s visit in their own words.

Allegra: I love visitors, and I could tell right away that this lady was a cat person.

Ruby: New person in the house!

Allegra: Ooh, she has nice energy. I like her!

Ruby: You like everyone, Allegra.

Allegra: And there’s something wrong with that?

Ruby: You’re right, Allegra, she is nice. I’m going to let her pet me. Oh, this feels good! She really knows how to pet cats properly!

Allegra: Move over, Ruby. It’s my turn again!

Robin visiting

Ruby: Look, Allegra, she has treats for us!

Allegra: She’s my favorite visitor ever!

As the second photo shows, not only were the girls completely enamored with Robin, they even performed for her!

I wish more of my friends could have met the girls, but they’re not used to visitors, and a group visit would have been a little too overwhelming for them. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time to bring everyone who wanted to meet them to the house.

Allegra and Ruby are still talking about Robin’s visit, and we all hope she comes back to visit again soon.

Full Recap of BlogPaws 2013 Coming Tomorrow!

12 Comments on A Very Special Visitor for Allegra and Ruby

  1. Hi ruby,

    Rikki here, I don’t like hoomans coming into my domain either. Mom uses some big words but she says my big sis Lucy has gotten me paranoid. She’s says without Lucy’s influence I would like hoomans since I’m so friendly and adventurous. But I don’t know hoomans have funny smells and talk really loud. When it’s just mom it’s nice and quiet so we can get good sleepies. Although mom always has that funny box called a tv running but we can ignore it because it doesn’t come after us. I say ” cats against hoomans invading their domain Unite”.

  2. I would love to meet the girls myself. They remind me so much of my girl, Bebe, that I had for 20 years. I lost her to tongue cancer back in 1986. Ruby and Allegra look so much like she did. Give them hugs from me!

  3. What incredible fun to have met a fellow blogger, especially one who got on the right sides of Allegra and Ruby so well. So sad that I live so far away from all these events. Oh well, one day, maybe. Just waiting for that lottery ticket to come in and I’ll be travelling all over the place 😀

  4. Thank you Ruby & Allegra for your company and for being willing to give a newcomer
    a warm welcome to your home. I had a lovely visit and was honored to meet you.
    I hope we’ll get a chance to meet again soon! You’re very lucky girls to have such a
    doting mama!
    Aunt Robin

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