Household chores are at the very bottom of my list of things I enjoy doing. I’m fortunate that I have two feline helpers who make the whole process a lot more fun each week, because they seem to think that some aspects of household chores are actually kitty playtime.

At the top of the list is changing the sheets. Allegra is particularly adept at this particular task. She loves to “ride the mattress” when I turn it. Then she dives under the fitted sheet as I try to fasten it to the mattress. Once that is successfully accomplished, complete with kitty lump under the sheet, she’ll move on to crawling inside the duvet cover helping me put the duvet cover on.


Ruby is a very talented bathroom cleaning assistant. From sitting on the vanity watching closely while I clean the sink to “guarding” dirty towels, the bathroom is Ruby’s domain.


Allegra also likes to assist with dusting. She thinks the feather duster makes a great toy.

cat_with_vacuum cleaner

The one thing they both agree on, though, is that I should skip vacuuming the house. Even though Allegra tolerates the vaccuum cleaner, both she and Ruby think that vacuum cleaners and cats just don’t go together. Ruby escapes to the very top of the cat tree while I vacuum and gives the “monster” the evil eye. Allegra watches from a chair underneath the dining room table, and will occasionally attack the vacuum cleaner cord.

Do your kitties help with household chores?

25 Comments on Allegra and Ruby Love (Most) Household Chores

  1. They are some good helpers. Oh yes mine love to help especially if I change things around. They have to make sure I do it right. LOL. My poor Garfield runs and hides in the bathtub as he hates the vacuum so much. I have one that follows the vacuum around. LOL.

  2. Oh we have all sorts of chores. We love to just mess up everything that Mom does so she has to do it again. We do help make the bed and the dusting is fun too. We do get under the bed when that silly vacuum comes out of hiding. We also keep all the scratching posts all warmed up so Mom doesn’t have to do that. Hope all of you have a terrific day.

  3. My staff won’t let me help her change the sheets! When I try to, she puts me down on he floor. I voice my objections and jump back up on he bed and she puts me down again. Then she threatens to lock me in the bathroom for *five whole minutes* while she resheets the bed.

    But it’s all worth it in the end, because she puts My Blue Blanket on the bed and I curl up on it and take a nap. PurrPurrPurrPurr — Lilith Kitten Mahoney, Nurse Cat

  4. I am lucky to have a housekeeper and she loves cats. When she comes in Bumppo dives under the comforter on the bed and will not come out for anybody or anything. She can pet the lump of Bumppo, and vacuum all around the bed but he sticks with his strategy. I guess he thinks if he can’t see you (or the vacuum monster), you can’t see him – despite all the data to the contrary!

  5. My two indoor furrbabies Angel and Chuck simply love freshly laundered clothes, especially blue jeans. Chuck even sleeps in the clothes basket at night, on top of socks and unmentionables that we purposely leave instead of putting away. On the other hand, the vacuum cleaner makes them both retreat to the most distant corner of the house. Maybe that’s why I don’t pull it out often enough; the tumbleweeds of cat fur are a’rollin’!

  6. At home Fili is a sheet-guy, as Allegra, the black boy is always there when I am changing sheets, plays on top of the bare mattres and going under the fresh sheets as a moving lump, he can even stay there for a nap.
    The youngest guy, a sweet tabby called Teo, is pretty often with me when I sweep, jumping on top of the furniture while follows me around.

  7. It’s so funny to hear that your kitties are such great helpers too! Our Bailey LOVES when we change sheets! Just like Allegra, Bailey will dive under the sheets and chase the ripples around. It probably takes twice as long as it should because we love to play along; never fails to make me break out laughing. She loves to “kill” the duster too! Our Calvin used to love help unload the dishwasher. He would hop up on the door and swat at the utensils as you pulled them out one by one. Loved that boy! Those are the things that make you miss them most when they’re gone. Take time to enjoy the little things 🙂 Thanks for sharing such fun stories!!

    • You’re right, it is the little things you miss the most, Debbie. One of the things I often tell people is to keep a little journal to record some of the cute things our cats do. Memories tend to fade, and they can bring a smile long after they’re gone.

    • It’s not a very common name – happy to meet you, Allegra, and thanks for the compliment. Feel free to post photos of your Allegra on our Facebook page!

  8. Sam loves sheet-changing day and on house cleaning day he loves to steal the feather duster out of my box of cleaning goodies I carry around with me……oh yes – he’s a swell assistant alright!


  9. Funnily enough, Miss Gracies LOVES helping to make the bed and change the sheets, she will hide under the sheets and lay as still as she can, and as flat as a pancake, but she will never ever even contemplate getting under the sheets at any other time – not even when it’s really cold at night. Mind you, she does have her own sheepskin “blankie” and a fleecy blanket on every bed in the house!

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