One of the most fascinating concepts in the area of personal growth to me has always been the concept that every single person in your life is your mirror. Others reflect back aspects of our own consciousness to us, giving us an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light, and ultimately, to grow. Sometimes, that reflection may come from someone we grately admire. Other times, it may come from someone who aggravates us and pushes all our buttons. It’s the latter reflection that may lead to exponential personal growth, if we allow ourselves to explore the concept.

It struck me the other day that if this applies to the people in our lives, could it also apply to the cats in our lives? Do our cats reflect back aspects of ourselves? Is this, perhaps, especially true if we live with a “less than purr-fect” member of the feline species?

I started to look at Allegra and Ruby: what aspects of their personalities do I share? Of course, being human, I looked for positive aspects first. Both Allegra and Ruby like their routines – and so do I. They are sun worshippers – and so am I. They like having their meals served to them – I hate to cook, and love to eat out.

While both of my girls are little angels most of the time, there are some aspects of their personality that can be a little challenging. Was it possible that those sides of their personalities were reflected in me?

Allegra is quick to react when something annoys or startles her. I have a tendency to jump to judgment too quickly. Ruby sometimes makes bad decisions: batting at Allegra while she’s settling down on one of our window perches for a nice long nap is a surefire way of getting herself hissed at and bopped on the head. I’ve been known to make decisions too hastily, not always considering all possible outcomes, and then regretting that I didn’t take more time.

I found the exercise fascinating, especially from the perspective of looking at personality traits that may no longer serve me, such as the quick jump to judgment. I’m a firm believer that cats come into our lives to teach us to stretch and grow. Maybe this mirroring is just another way they help us live fuller and more conscious lives.

Does your cat mirror an aspect of yourself, positive or negative?

9 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Is Your Cat a Mirror of Yourself?

  1. It is amazing to read this, Ingrid. Just today I was writing a little story for catnip chronicles and at the end of it came to the conclusion that my 2 cats are just like me. Oops I think I’m just like them: laid back, not easily rattled, love little routines like all having dinner at the same time and sleeping in on weekends. They have been with me for 6 and 7 years and are perfect little angels. I am convinced of that every time I watch an episode of My Cat from Hell. Thanks for the lovely idea of mirroring your cats. It’s all good.

  2. Great post. Hmm Garfield is leary of people and so am I. Charlie is loving and likes to be looked at. I don’t like to be alone(don’t like big crowds-more like family) and I love to give hugs. Squeaky is my old guy and he is forgetful and likes to eat. Just like me. LOL. Cashew loves to chat and give big hugs. Steals food. I love to chat online and the hugs again. And I am known for hiding my chocolate candies. LOL. Now Tubby is unique as he is nutso in the mornings. Climbs the walls so to say. More aloof unless it’s his idea. Sometimes I feel like that. Like you just want to do something and you want to be left alone for a bit. He always like to smell everyone first which I think is funny. I will smell my food sometimes. ROFL. So I guess I am kind of like each one. Never thought about it before this post.

  3. I love this post! One thing I know I have in common with my 3 furbabies is since I have aged I find myself taking naps when I’m home and lounging more. My one boy Meeko gets irritated if he is messed with too much and so do I. All three are loving and I would like to think I am too. Cisco is the one who will go to the other 2 and also to me to see if we are ok. I am like that. Very much the nurturing type. I think we are all a great fit.

  4. Oh no!! lol!!! Seriously I DO love this post!
    Well….Cody is TOO FAT…….YES, TOO FAT…me? Hehehe…TOO FAT
    Cody is food obsessed, I think we can safely assume that I am as well.
    Cody is overall a “people” cat, but when he has had his fill of them, he has HAD HIS FILL…yep, as social as I am, I have to frequently retreat and be AWAY from people.
    I prefer smaller more personal interactions instead of large groups.
    Cody is quite determined and I would have to say that I am as well.
    He takes things in stride, which is something I could definitely learn from him!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Caren. I’m with Cody: I enjoy being with people, but I also need alone time to balance things out.

  5. Each of my six cats has a unique personality. Ginger is my grumpy old man. He lets everyone in the household know who’s the boss! KC lives in the extremes – he’s either very happy or upset about something. Zelda is shy and reclusive. She doesn’t like conflict or changes in her environment. Boyzie is the smallest. He’s sweet and gentle, but tends to get pushed around by the larger males. Sugar is a love bug. She loves everything and everyone. Last but not least is Travis. He is young and full of energy. He’s eager and open to life. I can probably find aspects of myself (positive and negative) in each one – although today I relate best to the grumpy old guy! 😉

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