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People often ask me “Pippy what is your secret for always being so relaxed and calm while running a yoga cat mat business and keeping your humans in line?” First of all, I am a cat and by nature we are relaxed and calm. For those of you of the human species, it will take a bit more work, but I am happy to share some of my secrets. I am after all a Feline Yogini and this is my area of expertise!

I practice yoga poses and breathing exercises several times throughout each day on my Yoga Cat Mat.

I make time for tasty nutritious meals and do not distract myself while eating. This means no web surfing, watching t.v. or particiapting in mundane conversations like the state of the weather.

Relaxing in a sun puddle is a must every single day.

I often like to strike a pose and pretend I’m a spinx in ancient Egyptian times.  Fantasizing sparks my creative energy!

Terrorizing ( I mean playing) with the other cats in my household.

Frequent naps throughout the day keep me alert and energetic during my waking hours. I can get more done in three hours than most people can in two days!

Last but not least I always take time to do something entertaining and fun. I love watching the birds outside my window and plotting how I might one day be able to go outside and eat them (I mean meet them!)

Meow and Namaste!



Pippy shares her life with Paige Guthrie Hodges, the author of the blog Feline Yogi and the creator of the Feline Yogi Yoga Mat for cats. She has been practicing yoga and living with cats for over two decades. She has worked and volunteered for several local Los Angeles-based cat welfare organizations. An advocate of Trap Neuter Return (TNR), she is passionate about ending the killing of healthy, treatable animals, and finding homes for all adoptable pets.

Photo ©Paige Guthrie Hodges, used with permission

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