Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! It’s been a while since I got to write something for you!

Mom says I have a propensity to get myself in trouble. It’s not entirely clear to me what that means, but I’m pretty sure it means I like to have fun. And that’s true!

The other day, Mom opened the door to the “forbidden room,” (Ingrid’s note: I usually keep the door to our guest bedroom closed – no real reason, just habit), and I dashed inside before she could close the door again. Since I rarely get to go in that room, I love to explore! Mom said I could stay in the room for a little while, so I got busy! After a while, Allegra joined me and we both had a great time checking everything out.

All of a sudden, I saw a squirrel, right outside one of the windows! The windows are at ground level, so the squirrel was right there, at my eye level! I jumped across the night stand and up on the window ledge. What I didn’t remember was that there was a lamp on the night stand….

Yup, you guessed it. The lamp came crashing down on the floor. Allegra totally freaked out and ran out of the room and up the stairs. I guess she was going to tell on me.

Sure enough, a minute later, Mom comes into the room. “What did you do this time, Ruby?” she said, rolling her eyes. Did I really have to explain it to her? Wasn’t the lamp on the floor explanation enough?

Mom picked up the lamp. Uh oh. The lamp shade didn’t look the way it had before. Instead of being all nice and cone shaped, it had some really big dents in it, and when Mom put the lamp back on the night stand, it didn’t look quite as nice as it had before its encounter with yours truly. Hey, at least I didn’t break the base  of the lamp!


I have to give Mom credit, though: she didn’t yell at me. She just gently escorted me out of the room and closed the door.

Stay tuned for my next adventure. You know that with this propensity thing of mine, there will be more.

And speaking of lamp shades: here’s a photo of me right after I got spayed:

Cinnamon 10

I can tell you that that was a heck of lot less fun than the lamp shade encounter from the other day…

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23 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Ruby and The Lamp Shade

  1. Such precious memories. I have to say, it does make my heart ache reading them, but they also make me smile. Thank you for sharing, Ingrid.

  2. I had to smile, reading this memoir of Ruby..She was an adorable baby here on earth, and I’ll bet she will look and be, exactly the same when you get to see her again someday..She’s probably not at rest..She’s ripping around heaven, tipping stars over!

  3. Ruby – you should always make the best of any adventure and being in that forbidden room was an open invitation to goodness knows what! Knocking the lampshade on the floor and denting it was just the icing on the cake to an extraordinary day! Job well done!! Purrs from the Zee and Zoey gang!

  4. But what was that lamp doing on your way? Humans should never put things in places where we are expected to go!

  5. Ruby, we must be related somehow. Mama says her grandma always said that what matters is she was okay. Grandma never said that – she just yelled. We’re happy you’re okay.

  6. Ruby, your use of the word Propensity shows an awesome ability to communicate with us human guardians. Much like my Archie’s ability to wrap presents at Christmas time. That, and his propensity to get himself inside of the box spring before it was successfully put back in place, with mattress on top and completely made. Good thing he meowed loudly…and didn’t lose his tail!

  7. LOL. My Eddie jumped on the lamp shade of a floor lamp and crashed to the floor. Eddie wasn’t hurt. (Eddie is a 17-pound cat, and he’s not fat.) Also, Eddie knocks pictures off the wall. I’ve had to put all the wall art out of his reach. He is a kitteh of mass destruction, but I love him!

  8. This story reminds me of when I caught my kitten hanging by one paw from a lampshade. It was a floor lamp, and when I found him, the lamp was fortunately leaning against a chair, not knocked over on the floor. The lampshade forever lost it’s original shape 🙂

  9. Oh Ruby you sweet girl! You didn’t mean to do that and your Mom didn’t yell because she knew you were just investigating. There are always more lamp shades but there is only ONE you and thankfully your Mommy is a sensitive and loving Mommy and loves you no matter what!

  10. Aww Ruby I’m the same way. I like to explore mom’s empty medicine cabinet. I just like to bang the doors back and forth. But mom tells me to stop because I will disturb my next door neighbor. That’s no fun! Oh well off to my next adventure.

    Lil’ Rikki

    Diana and Lucy

    • At least Ruby had an alibi, the squirrel, stole her common sense of not thinking before acting. However, accidents happen just when an important investigation is underway, such as eyeing the guest room. Ruby will always be Ruby, that was what made her so special to all of us. Nite, Nite, Ruby, my darling friend, wherever you are!

  11. Oh Ruby, what a sweetie you are! Humans should know that if you have a cat in the house, then everything in the house is fair game. My hubby and I made a deal when our two kittens arrived nine years ago (tomorrow!) that if it gets broken, then it’s the humans fault for not securing it properly (ie, making it cat-proof). I learned that my winter knit hats had to be stored in the drawer, otherwise Chuck would chew them and drag them on the floor. I learned that any newspaper left laying around was an Angel chew toy. Anything breakable was stored carefully away, that is, if we felt it was worth hanging onto. Oh yeah, and cords to our window blinds…well, let’s just say some of our blinds now remain in a permanent position because the up/down cords were severed by cat teeth! Our bad.

  12. I must have some of Ruby’s relatives living here, except they do damage things
    and break them beyond repair. I already give them 99% of the house
    to claim as their own and do with as they wish, but they seem to want that
    last 1% too. That’s gratitude for ya’!

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