To me, sleeping with my cats is one of the joys of sharing my life with them. Every cat I’ve ever had has slept on the bed with me. In fact, the few nights one of them didn’t, it was usually because something was wrong.

I’m always amazed at how much room two small cats can take up in a queen size bed. Some nights, I feel like a contortionist, trying to get comfortable again without waking Allegra and Ruby. Middle of the night gymnastics are not conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. But what’s a little lost sleep, compared to spending the night with a my two girls snuggled up in bed with me?

Allegra and Ruby have their own thoughts about our sleeping arrangements, and they have been bugging me to share them with you.

Ruby: I love sleeping with Mom! I love curling up in her arms, it makes me feel safe.

Allegra: Sleeping next to Mom is the best. I give her a little more space than you do, Ruby. I don’t have to always be glued to her side.

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra.

Allegra: I like to wait until Ruby has settled down, and then I pick my spot on the bed. I make a little nest with the comforter and then I curl up close to Mom.

Ruby: Mom turns over an awful lot during the night, doesn’t she, Allegra?

Allegra: Yes, she does! I wish she wouldn’t, but she’s very mindful of trying not to disturb us. That’s also why I like to sleep somewhere near her legs – less of a chance of me waking up when she turns over, or gets up in the middle of the night.

Ruby: I hate when she gets up in the middle of the night. Why does she do that, Allegra?

Allegra: I think she goes to use the litter box…

Ruby: I like that it’s getting colder – I love snuggling even closer to Mom now.

Allegra: I do, too. But sometimes I think Mom gets too hot. You know how she sometimes throws back the covers?

Ruby: Yeah, and sometimes her feet stick out from under the covers.

Allegra: I know! I love that! I attack her toes!

Allegra: I’m looking forward to when it gets really really cold, because then, I’m going to crawl under the covers, wedge myself against Mom’s back, and sleep there.

Ruby: Me, too, me too!!!

Allegra: Not next to me you’re not. You stay on one side of Mom, I stay on the other. That way, we can keep her nice and warm.

Ruby: Oh, alright!

Allegra: I’m getting tired. It’s time to go to sleep. Good night, Ruby.

Ruby: Good night, Allegra.

25 Comments on Allegra and Ruby Discuss Sleeping Arrangements

  1. I toss and turn so much that 2 of our 3 won’t sleep with me anymore but faithful Freya is hanging in there and I love it.

  2. Hi, me and my brother Phinny love to sleep on our Peep lady’s bed, just not at night. We sleep all day and roam arounfpd the house at night.

  3. That’s very sweet that you two can share your mom. Waffles and I have to take turns. I get the first shift…the pre-laptop-shutdown shift. When the lid closes, I go to my cozy blanket spot and Waffles tries so sleep on Glogirly’s head. She says he’s getting so strong that he can actually push her head OFF her pillow now.

    *I* would never do such a thing.
    ; ) Katie

  4. Scooter and Alice from the Palace don’t really sleep with us. It’s more like they come in, sit on the bed, and watch us for awhile. Then they hop off. Most of my former cats did sleep with me and I miss it. These two could come around, though.
    Allegra and Ruby are so adorable. I love to hear their conversations.

  5. I’ve found that I sleep better with at least one of the four with us in bed. They have a hierarchy based on age: Baby Girl (16) always gets to be closest to my head ; Wesley (13) often sleeps between our heads ; Rory and Nina (both 3) usually sleep on my legs but sometimes jockey for position to be closer to one of the elders (they worship them!). If we had a queen instead of full bed, it would still be crowded!

  6. Ohhhh that was just the MOST PRECIOUS post! Loved it! I especially loved the ” I think she goes to use the litter box…” MOL!!!

    I love how the girls said goodnight to each other too, like The Waltons! lol

    Do you know that Cody has NEVER, EVER slept in our bed? (even when we aren’t in it?) I have no clue as to why, and frankly it makes me sad. Bobo used to sleep in that bed ALL of the time, with us, or without us. I don’t get it. 🙁

    • You got the Waltons reference, Caren! That’s what I was going for 🙂

      I wonder why Cody doesn’t like sleeping in your bed? Maybe he will when he gets older.

  7. It’s a rare nigth that at least one of our three cats isn’t sleeping with us, especially now that it’s cooling off. O’Leary has to ne next to mom. Gabe will start in the middle of the bed then move towards the foot as the lights go out. Lily likes to be on daddy or if it’s really cold, under the covers snuggled next to mom. The only danger with under the covers is when brother Gabe doesn’t realize she’s there and steps on her. This causes a great commotion and one time mom was left with a pretty nasty scratch that months later was mistaken for surgical scar by a doctor. Mom now tries to discourage cats sleeping under covers. The cats are happy that their dog brother and sister have their own beds.

  8. My kitties do NOT sleep with me! I’ve tried all kinds of enticements to get them to snuggle in, but they always take off after a short while. I envy you, Ingrid, and the rest of you.

  9. In our house, every bed comes with at least one cat. Each of the four felines has their own preferred person and sleeping position, although they will switch off if their favored human is away for the night. Just prepare to be told off when you finally arrive home.

  10. Ruby and Allegra, it is quite certain that you love your mom and want to be close to her. Your conversation reminds me of my babies. One sleeps near the bottom, but up against me when he is cold. Another will lay near my head and another between my legs. My fourth one doesnt sleep with me much unless i decide to sleep on. Then she will lay near my side. Sleep well girls and don’t wake your mom!

  11. We like sleeping by our mom too and she tries not to disturb us when she turns over. At least she usually doesn’t get up during the night like your mom, but sometimes she gets hot too and sticks a foot out from under the covers. We love to block her in with one of us on each side of her. Bed time is the best part of the day!

  12. Great posts girls. Your tortie girlfriends Justice and Dajudge, and their brother Liberty and their Mom all sleep in their bed. The bed use to be our mom’s, but now mom has to find a way to sleep with us. Mom’s bed is nice and warm. She turns this button on and the cover warms up. So cozy. So for now we will all four let Mom sleep with us. She is pretty good at not waking us. We have gotten to be pretty big kittens so there is no more space for another kitty. Just us.

  13. Brilliant post, Ruby and Allegra. I’m sure Miss Gracie would agree with you completely. I especially like the way you describe Ingrid using the litter box during the night.

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