It has been said that cats have healing powers, and I’m proof that it’s true! I took care of Mom last week when she was sick. Mom said I was a very good nurse, and that what I did was very sweet. I didn’t think what I did was so special. I was worried about Mom, and I wanted to help her. It’s what we cats do.

I knew something was wrong when Mom didn’t get up at her usual time. She’s always on time with our breakfast, so I was getting worried when she was still laying in bed half an hour after she usually feeds us. When she finally got up, she moved very slowly, and her voice sounded funny – kind of scratchy and hoarse, not at all like what she usually sounds like. But at least she was finally up! Whew!

She fed us our breakfast, but then, something really weird happened: she went back to bed. She never does that! Normally in the morning, after she feeds us, she goes to her computer to check her email and Facebook and stuff. Now I was really worried. I jumped up on the bed and sniffed her face. She half-heartedly petted me, then she curled up and went back to sleep. I didn’t know what to do. I went to look for Ruby to have her help me, but she was busy watching the birds, and she didn’t seem too worried about Mom. So I went back to be with Mom. I curled up next to her, but I didn’t want to go to sleep, in case she needed me.

This went on all day. Mom would get up for a few minutes, check  her computer, then she’d go right back to bed. Ruby came into the bedroom a couple of times, but she didn’t seem as worried as I was, and went about her business elsewhere in the house. I didn’t want to leave Mom’s side. I didn’t get much sleep that day.

Later in the afternoon, Mom moved to the sofa in the living room and turned the TV on. That was weird, too. Normally, she only watches TV in the evenings. Ruby jumped up on her lap and stayed with her, so I could finally take a break from taking care of Mom. I needed a nap! Taking care of humans is hard work.

Mom went to bed again very early that night. I told Ruby that she should help me take care of Mom. I know that our purr, and our simple presence, has healing powers, and Mom seemed to need all the help she could get. So Ruby curled up on one side of Mom, and I curled up on her other side. We had her wedged in so she could be nice and warm, and we purred her to sleep.

Halfway through the night, Mom got up. She often gets up in the middle of the night to use the litter box, but this time, she went into the kitchen. That was worrisome – but maybe she was getting some treats for us? A midnight snack? But no, Mom was making herself a cup of tea. Once it finished brewing, she sat in the living room to drink it. I sat on the arm of the chair right next to her, making sure she was okay. I leaned against her and rubbed my face against hers. She croaked “you’re so sweet, Allegra” before she completely lost her voice. Her mouth moved, but no sound was coming out!

After she finished her tea, Mom went back to bed. I followed her immediately. Ruby had never even woken up, so I resumed my position so Mom could be part of our kitty sandwich again.

Mom got up a second time that night to repeat the same routine, and I followed her to the kitchen and then living room again. I could tell she appreciated my company.

The next day, Mom started to feel a little better, and things returned to a more normal routine, although she still sounded a bit funny, and she still spent a lot of time just laying down on either the sofa or the bed.

It made me feel good that I could help Mom feel better.

Do your kitties help you when you’re not feeling well?

Sunday Purrs will return next week.

25 Comments on Allegra’s World: Nursing Mom

  1. It sounds like you did a great job Allegra and I know that it helped your Mom heal quicker! I hope that your Mom is back to her normal voice now and is feeling much better!

  2. Good job Allegra! My Ellie Mae always knows when I need extra purrs. She also comes and checks on me if I sleep in by coming up and sniffing my face. I always figure she is making sure I”m still alive. 🙂

      • Oh sometimes I think that she thinks she is the Mom and I’m a kitten. 🙂 I love it though. She is the best cat and I am so grateful to “no-kill” shelters. Ellie was surrendered to one when her first family had to move and didn’t take her with them. She stayed there from July until Jan. when I went to get her. She is so special. My friends say she is grateful to me for rescuing her. Maybe that is why she takes such good care of me, I don’t know but I try to make sure she has all she needs too. We “mother hen” each other I guess. 🙂

  3. Allegra what a good girl you are to take such good care of your Mom! I KNOW she appreciated it! Actually Cody could care less when I am sick lol, my Angel Bobo on the other paw, would never leave my side. He was such a good boy! xoxo

  4. I am sure you were a great help to your mom. And you have wonderful healing powers. Hope she is feeling much better.

  5. so glad you’re feeling better, Ingrid. Yes, both my cats came to comfort me when their older brother died so unexpectedly. They cuddled up on both sides of me whenever I sat down or lay down and who knows how much longer my depression would have lasted had it not for them. And…this older brother, Maxximus would come running to my side from wherever he had been if I as much as sneezed. When I got a bad cold, he checked on me if he heard me coughing and stayed until I went back to sleep. What would we do without them?

  6. You are so sweet Allegra & Ruby for taking such good care of your Meowmy!

    We hope you are feeling much better today, Ingrid…

    Love & purrs,
    Lois, Angel, Kensey, Mario & Sammy

  7. We hope your Mom is feeling better, Allegra. Having sick humans is hard work for a kitty but it sounds like you did a great job and nursed your Mom through the worst of it.

  8. What a good girl you are Allegra to take such good care of your Mom. Kitties are such good care takers. We sure are glad that the Mom is feeling better now. Take care.

  9. When I was in labor with my daughter, my male cat Sirius Black followed me around as I paced. I walked back and forth in my room, a distance of maybe 15 feet, and he trailed me constantly.

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