Sometimes, no matter how much you love your life, it’s good to get away from it all. And one of the best ways to really get away from everything is a personal retreat. When you work from home the way I do, it’s challenging to unplug completely. There’s always one more email to check, one more comment to moderate, and one more cute photo of Allegra and Ruby to share.

The idea of a personal retreat is to disconnect from the business and distractions of every day life, and to have a chance to regroup on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Personal retreats can take many different forms: for some, it may be a weekend spent camping and hiking in nature, for others, it may be a day or two at a spa. I am spending today at a meditation retreat, and have left Allegra and Ruby in charge.

I’m not sure they really understand why I need to get away every once in a while. Cats don’t need retreats. They live in the moment, and they don’t loose touch with who they are because they don’t get distracted by life’s worries, challenges and to do lists. Most days, spending time with my two faithful friends and a good book serves as a “mini retreat” for me, but, as I explained to the girls, sometimes, Mom needs a little more than that.

Allegra and Ruby will be holding down the fort while I refill the well. I’ll be back online tomorrow.

Have you gone on a personal retreat? Share your experience in a comment.


10 Comments on Sunday Purrs: A Personal Retreat

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your day! I head for the trail and the woods with my art materials and cameras and all I might need if I meet with creative inspiration, but sometimes I just go and walk and look and listen to the sounds of nature and let my mind wander, for as long as I need to–a few hours at least!

  2. Enjoy your little retreat Ingrid. My only kind of retreat is being able to do puzzles or get out the house for a bit. It does help. Have a great day!

  3. This is great advice. In fact, after a long and busy holiday season as a professional musician, I haven’t been able to have any kind of “personal retreat” for many months. However, this week looks hopeful. And, because I live in the western US, I’m hoping that a side trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary might be a part of that trip later this week. Thanks for the wisdom and encouragement of your wonderful website, blog, and Facebook page.

  4. My Cats love any place were the sun is shining in. My Cats move from place to place throughout the house chasing the sun as it moves from east to west. As for me just lounging around the house with my Cats is a great joy. My Cats and I have 2 speeds slow and stop.

  5. Actually I did a “little” bit this weekend! Believe it or not, my husband did a book review for me that will be posted tomorrow. I had zero interest in the book, I am exhausted, being pulled in too many directions and my brilliant husband helped me out! While I was still online quite a bit, it enabled me to get some work done early and enabled me to “unplug” earlier in the evening than normal. I try to take some kind of time away each weekend but as you well know, it isn’t always possible.

  6. I’ve had retreats before but I don’t travel anymore so my retreats are those moments when I lie in my bed, close my eyes and tune in to this particular CD. It is a recording of tranquil Hawaiian music and ocean waves and a few bird calls. Hawaii is my favorite vacation place so I find myself visiting my favorite Hawaiian beach in Makaha, but only in my mind.

    When the weather is conducive I sometimes also go to the back wooded lot on my parents’ land where my first tortie, Gabrielle’s Galaxy is buried for some isolated seclusion and quiet contemplation. It overlooks a gently flowing “crick” (as we Iowans say instead of “creek”). I can commune with the birds, the raccoons, the squirrels and the snapping turtle until the mosquitoes find me and I head home.

    • Aloha! I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I wanna go really badly! What’s the name of the CD you bought? I’m just curious.

      • Sorry Ingrid, I’m transitioning to a new computer and haven’t been online every day so I am slow replying. The CD is “relaxing Hawaii” It is a 2008/9 recording by Compass Productions (made in Canada). I’m not sure where I got it but most likely it was in one of those special displays at our Target.

  7. I have my cat and three dogs. I love them dearly and I give them my all … and yes, I regularly need half-day retreats! Enjoy your day.

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