In much of the United States, today marks the arrival of Daylight Savings Time. I’m not a huge fan of the time change. I’m an early bird, and I prefer it to be light when I get up in the morning. Mostly, I just wish they’d stop switching back and forth, which makes absolutely no sense to me. And I can guarantee you it doesn’t make sense to cats. They may like the “spring forward” change – breakfast an hour early! – but I’m pretty sure they’re not crazy about delayed meal times when we fall back in November.

But the one really great thing about Daylight Savings Time is that it means spring must be right around the corner. And after this seemingly never ending winter, it can’t come soon enough.

Spring is a time of new beginning. It can also be a time for mental and spiritual renewal. It’s time to emerge from the darkness of winter, time to open windows and doors to let the spring breezes in, both physically and in a larger sense.

For many people, this is also traditionally a time for spring cleaning – there is something very satisfying about airing out rooms that were closed up for most of the winter months, clearing cobwebs out of forgotten corners, and getting the dust bunnies out from under the bed. Clearing the clutter and getting organized for the new season on a physical level can also help clear your mental and psychic energy.

While we’re waiting for spring, you might want to start thinking about mental and spiritual spring cleaning. It could involve one or more of the following:

  • Clear out old beliefs that no longer serve you. Beliefs are simply thoughts that you keep on thinking over and over. Since you have the power to change your thoughts, you can replace old beliefs that hold you back with new ones that move you forward.
  • Forgive yourself for mistakes you made. Dwelling on past mistakes clutters up your energy field. What’s done is done. Forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes, and move on.
  • Get rid of a pattern of negative thinking. Do you like to complain, or participate in conversations with others who are complaining about how bad things are? Do you tend to focus on what’s going wrong rather than on what’s going well? Thought patterns can be deeply ingrained, and it takes time to become aware of them. Focusing on what’s not working keeps you stuck in negative energy.
  • Forgive and let go of grudges. Offering a sincere apology to someone you may have wronged, and letting go of grudges against another person, is a powerful way to free up mental space. Holding on to resentment is toxic. Letting go and forgiving clears the uncomfortable feeling inside of you, and may even repair a damaged relationship.

Cats, of course, have no need for mental spring cleaning – they don’t clutter up their energy with unnecessary negative baggage in the first place. As far as Allegra and Ruby are concerned, the best part about spring is that it means Mom will frequently open the windows so all three of us can enjoy the gentle spring breezes.

It can’t be much longer until spring, can it?

12 Comments on Sunday Purrs: The “Waiting for Spring” Edition

  1. My four and I can’t wait to hear the birds and feel the soft breezes of spring thru open window. I just hope Mother nature pushes Father winter to the curb and fast.

  2. Spring cleaning is not just for the house but for the mind and one’s emotions too. Don’t focus on the negative but the positive. Worry won’t gain you an extra day. Enjoy life!

  3. My kitties love spring. I open two Windows for them. One in the livingroom and one in the kitchen. Cisco is the first one in and he will run back and forth two them. They all like to go out on the enclosed front porch and jump up in the Windows. I love watching them sniff the air and whatever other smells they may be breathing in. They seem to not have a care in the world and always at peace with it. I don’t think we would have as many health problems due to stress if we could be like a cat.

  4. this post is DEFINITELY a breath of Spring for me…….and as Toni/rctees said above, “perfectly timed” I am in dire need of mental housecleaning (once again), thank you for this post which will urge me on!

  5. Another perfectly timed post Ingrid. These are things I have been thinking of myself….cleaning house, physically and spiritually and what better time than NOW! We shouldn’t allow our lives to become “cluttered” with anything even remotely negative. I really should pay closer attention to Abby and how she lives her little life. Thanks so much for being that constant, positive reminder!

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