Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about my super cool new toys! They’re called Cat Crazies, and they really do drive me crazy – but in a really good way. I like it when Mom tosses one out for me. I go bounding after it, and then I pick it up with my mouth and carry it around.

Mom keeps trying to get me to bring it back to her, but what fun would that be? It’s much more fun to watch her try to get it out after I’ve kicked it under furniture. I try to be very helpful by getting down right next to her when she’s crawling around on the floor.

Sometimes, I let Ruby play with my Cat Crazies, too. She gets bored easily, and she usually goes off to do something else after she’s batted it around a few times. More fun for me!

Mom keeps the Cat Crazies in a drawer in the kitchen, and I know exactly which one. Every morning, I sit and stare at the drawer until Mom gets one out for me. They’re so fun to play with!


Ingrid’s comments: I am in awe at the sheer genius of the company that makes these toys – because quite frankly, the ring off the orange juice bottle gets exactly the same reaction from Allegra. The only problem with both the Cat Crazies and the orange juice rings is that they tend to disappear under furniture, never to be seen again. I’m sure we have quite a collection under the stove. And I just can’t drink enough orange juice to keep Allegra’s stash replenished – hence, I keep buying Cat Crazies. And I’m sure I’m not the only cat mom who does…

Cat Crazies are available from Amazon and other retailers.

15 Comments on Allegra’s World: Crazy for Cat Crazies

  1. We make trips to the local dairy partly because they seal their gallons with plastic rings that our feline family really enjoy. Also, the milk is very fresh and I like knowing the cows and how their treated. Anytime the trip seems to far, I’m reminded just how much value we’re getting. Milk and a cat toy. What could be better?

    • How lucky you are to have such fresh milk from happy cows! We’re a “milk ring” family, too! I recently switched to milk jugs that do not have those wonderful, valuable milk rings but fortunately I’ve saved up a whole baggieful for the leetle monsters here! Must try those little plastic curlies and springs, too!

  2. My cat Garfield loves these. I have to watch what I give him as he chews on anything plastic and they are made well so don’t have to worry. He hides his too. LOL.

  3. I have never tried the Cat Crazies but I bet my Ellie Mae would like them. She LOVES Looney Loops. They are a little bigger and not as easily lost under furniture. Have you tried those with Allegra?

  4. I’ll buy a package the next time I’m at the store, which is any day now. Anyone else feel they are inside pet supplies stores a little too much these days? LOL!

  5. My pride LOVES these! Two of my four actually play fetch with them. Only down side, as with most tiny kids toys, stepping on the in the middle of the night hurts like the dickens! they may be worse than stepping on legos! 🙂

  6. I’ll have to try some of these for my crazy crew. My Bessie is addicted to those plastic springs–someday i will find about 50 of them somewhere! Usually once a week we take a yardstick & flashlight and pull all of them out from under the couch, stove, fridge, cabinets. Bessie likes to help with this too, pointing out the ones I’ve missed!

    • Allegra and Ruby love the springs, too, but these are definitely a bigger hit. And aren’t we lucky that our kitties are so helpful!

  7. My Mom doesn’t like it when I chew on plastic and I keep telling her to get me some thick plastic like the ones off of the MRE boxes Dad brings home sometimes. I really like those. Stitch doesn’t much care for anything but the crinkly kind.

    Mel’s comments: Leelu chews on every possible form of plastic or cardboard you can possibly think about. Maybe she bored or just being mischevious…

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