Connecting with our spiritual core is an important part of conscious living. We all have different ways of doing this, and there isn’t any one single method that is more valuable than another. For some, it may be through structured religious observations, often shared in the community of a church or other spiritual gathering. For others, this connection may happen during meditation. Others still may connect with spirit in nature. Watching a beautiful sunset or sunrise, walking in a deep green forest, or hiking in a striking desert landscape – all of these can help open a portal for a connection to something greater than ourselves.

Whether we call this something God, our soul, Spirit, or Source, I believe that all humans have an innate need to feel this kind of connection. We know it when we have it. Sometimes, it may just be for a brief, almost fleeting moment. Other times, we may be able to bask in it for an extended period of time. Regardless of how it comes about and how long it lasts, the feeling that comes with it is one of utter peace, joy, and love. It’s that feeling we get when we’re completely absorbed in doing something we love. We loose track of all sense of time. We are living in this present moment, to the exclusion of everything else. Anything is possible, and magic can and will happen.

For me, animals, and of course, especially cats, have always been an easy way to help me find that spiritual connection. Animals are so much closer to nature than we are, and as such, are much more in touch with Spirit than most humans. Simply observing a cat can instantly transport me into a state of connection.

In Zooburbia: Meditations on the Wild Animals Among Us, Tai Moses writes “We can trust animals to be themselves, and because of that, in some ineffable way, they help connect us to a better part of ourselves, to the more authentic self we long to be. In their inability to be anything but genuine, animals remind us of the ways in which we are imperfect and the ways in which we can be a little kinder, a little more generous, a little braver.”

I believe that animals facilitate this connection with our true self. That moment, when we simply observe a sleeping cat, or play with her, or pet her, forces us to step back from our busy lives for a little while, and to just be in the moment. It’s during those moments that we are reminded of who we really are, and that we’re connected to something greater than ourselves.

14 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Cats as a Pathway to Spiritual Connection

  1. My sister, A’isha just mailed me this post – and am I glad she did!
    Thank you Ingrid and A’isha!

    We as a family had dogs, puppies,cats and very recently four darling kittens! I know exactly what you mean when you say they help us connect to a superior power above us. I have felt that connection watching my kitty Saakhi. You are transfered to another realm. Unknown to you there is a sparkle in your eyes, a smile on your lips, a feeling of peace deep inside… And how true, how very true are Tai Moses words ” In their inability to be anything but genuine, animals remind us of the ways in which we are imperfect and the ways in which we can be a little kinder, a little more generous, a little braver.”

  2. My cat Bella is way more than a pet, she is a true friend and communicates with me in many many ways…i agree with previous posts…cats are very spiritual and have a very special role to play in humanity – People who have never expeirenced a significant relationship with a cat have missed out on so mucn…and often have a hard time understanding the dynamic…

  3. Thank you for this post, it resonated within me deeply. Animal Spirit/Medicine is such a gift to us, and it is important that it be recognized, honored and appreciated as such. <3

  4. This is such a beautiful post, Ingrid. I read this just before going to sleep last night, and was deeply touched. Having become a cat lover later in life, in fact just in the last year, I too have felt this incredible spiritual connection with Anya and Oscar that in many ways transcends many of my human relationships. Plus, I have also experienced some real “healing” since they have come into our lives. I’ve worked for decades in a high-stress career that have given me challenges with anxiety and literal “stage fright.” That stress has been greatly reduced since these two kitties have come to live with us. No more panic attacks, no more sleepless nights.

    Thanks for so beautifully expressing how our feline friends can help serve as a pathway to better understanding our true selves.

  5. Over the years, from childhood to my present age have always had pets in the house. As with spirituality, its been the reverse with me, a very spiritual Catholic upbringing but at present just a traditional practicing Catholic.Find a strange connection with nature through my pets and the recent death of my 22 year old Alexandrine parakeet “Mittoo” was the worst tragedy in my life after the demise of my parents ! Yes, i do feel a connect to spirituality through nature and nothing like trekking in forests or just petting or talking to your pets at home.Most non-pet owners might laugh at my eccentricity but then haven’t pet owners left millions of inheritance to their beloved pets rather than a human ? My pets and nature are my biggest stress relievers.

    • I’m so sorry about Alexandrine, Rudolph. Our animal friends are family members, and losing them hurts just as much as losing a human.

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