Hi, everyone! It’s Ruby! It’s been forever since Mom let me write something here. I’ve been hard at work helping her with product reviews, being Mom’s office assistant, and, my most important job of them all, keeping my sister Allegra in line. What’s that, Allegra? You keep me in line? <kitty snort>

Anyway, one of my jobs is to help Mom meditate every morning. She says meditation is important for her physical, mental and spiritual health. I have no idea what those big words mean, but what I do know is that every morning for 10 to 15 minutes, Mom sits quietly in a special chair, and let me tell you, this makes for excellent lap time! Mom says it’s okay for me to be on her lap if I’m quiet.

And therein lies the challenge. I love Mom so much that it’s hard for me to just sit still in her lap. I have to show her just how much I love her! So I rub my face against hers, or make biscuits on her legs, or roll over on my back so she can rub my belly. And I purr and purr and purr! I know Mom loves it, because it makes her smile, and sometimes even laugh. But she says it’s not conducive to getting into a meditative state. Those big words again. Why can’t humans just say what they mean?

Anyway, she says if I want to meditate with her, I need to learn to be quiet. That’s asking an awful lot, don’t you think? After all, I’m a tortie! We don’t do quiet! But because I love my Mom, and because I love how her energy feels when she meditates, I’m going to try really hard. I’m going to curl up on her lap quietly, and just purr and purr.

And then, when Mom is done with her meditation, I’m going to pounce on Allegra!

Do your kitties meditate with you?

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8 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Meditating with Mom

  1. Sweet Cee Cee (also a Tortie) sez “Quiet time? Miss Ruby, I do not understand the meaning!! All I know (smiles) is WIGGLE WIGGLE time!!!”

  2. My little Tortie is almost 4 months old, and we rescued her on Memorial Day evening! She is a little spitfire! But I will say she loves to meditate in my arms ~ purring away and rubbing my face, and suckling on my shirt. When she is done ~ she either goes and causes havoc in the house or attacks my Lab/Border Collie Dog!

  3. I have a Tortie named Amber. We rescued her 6 months a go and they estimated her to be 6 months at the time. I don’t think I have ever heard her meow or make any nose other than purr.

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