When I got sick with a nasty head cold a couple of weeks ago, I was once again reminded of the healing power of cats. Allegra and Ruby were clearly worried about me, and their quiet presence was the best medicine I could have asked for. But why don’t I let them tell you in their own words.

Allegra: I’m worried about Mom, Ruby. She’s usually up this time of morning, feeding us our breakfast.

Ruby: I’m worried about my breakfast!

Allegra: I think something is wrong with Mom.

Ruby: Does that mean we won’t get breakfast?

Allegra: Has Mom ever  not fed us, Ruby? Of course we’ll get breakfast. But I’m really concerned about Mom.

Ruby: Oh, here she comes. Hi Mom! It’s breakfast time!

Allegra: Nice going, Ruby. You didn’t even ask Mom whether she’s okay.

After breakfast:

Allegra: Ruby, Mom went back to bed. Something’s wrong.

Ruby: I’ll go check on her. Maybe if I jump on her, she’ll get up?

Allegra: She’s not moving much, and she sounds weird.

Ruby: I think I’m going to take my morning nap right next to her. That’s going to make her feel better, won’t it?

Allegra: That’s right, Ruby. And make sure you purr a lot. There’s research that says that our purr has healing powers.

Ruby: What’s research?

Allegra: It’s when a bunch of humans investigate stuff that cats have known for eternity. And then they write a big paper about it and think they’re so clever.

Ruby: I just want Mom to feel better. You should come and purr for her, too.

Allegra: I’m coming. If we both purr really hard, she’ll be better in no time.

And thanks to my two purrfect nurses, I did feel better in just a few days. I also took homeopathic and herbal remedies and drank gallons of hot tea with honey, but I know that the power of the girls purrs was the best medicine of all.

Do your cats take care of you when you’re not feeling well?

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  1. I so enjoyed this article…having four indoor cats, six outdoor cats to feed and assisting with six local feral cat colonies, getting sick is NOT an option!!! Currently I pray & meditate constantly, take powerful vitamins and get up very early, take care of feeding…walk for a short distance & return for a nap with indoor cats laying close to me ‘in bed’ for a few hours! This ALWAYS makes me feel loved and appreciated for I know that these special animals need me. Developing a network of animal lovers who can rotate and assistant each other in caretaking so the animals will NEVER have to go without!!!

  2. I have two boys, Diesel and Fred. In late January, I had minor surgery and was home for two weeks from work. During the day, when I got out of my bed and went to lie on the couch, Nurse Fred stayed with me and at night, Nurse Diesel didn’t leave my bed. They are a great comfort to me when I’m physically not feeling well and also when I am sad or aggravated.

  3. I agree 100 %. This has been a rough summer at my house. A trip to the ER and a lot of med’s. My Cats have been guardian angels. It seems like they would take shifts being with me. They even followed me throughout the house to keep tabs on me. I owe my health to my Cats. A big Meow to them

  4. My Lucy girl would lie on my tummy and purr when I wasn’t feeling well. Even though I would be feeling sick , somehow with Lucy purring next to me, I would always feel better. I miss my girl.
    Ruby and Allegra, way to take care of your Mom 🙂

  5. When my late husband was alive, he was prone to panic attacks and many health issues. Piper would often stay close to him and lessen his panic attacks. When his anxiety levels were the highest he would stroke her fast. Piper patiently waited until the strokes became slower and she knew he was going to be okay. It was time that first suggested we get a cat because he didn’t want me to be alone if something happened to him.

    Three weeks after he passed away, I nearly lost her to a respiratory infection. Having to leave her at the vets overnight for a few days was awful. Coming home to an empty house where both my husband and “child” were not there was the worst feeling in the world. My stress and broken heart were at an all time low. When she finally came home, she was weak but my heart soared. I was worried about her but hearing her purr was the best sound in the world. I calmed down and was finally able to mourn Tim. I hadn’t cried in weeks and she kept licking those tears away. I knew she was getting better because she kept bringing me mice and laying them on my side of the bed. The funny thing was is that she also brought one to Tim’s side too. She was always a generous hunter, never bringing in just one but two to take care of her humans.

    Whenever life is stressful or I am feeling under the weather she stays close by. I had to have a small minor operation a couple of years ago. I spent the weekend recovering and she never once asked to go outside. This was unusual because it was fall and there were chipmunks to chase and leaves to pounce on! But I appreciated her attentiveness and the warmth of her snuggles replaced the heating pad I was using.

    We are 6 years out from Tim’s passing. It was because of Piper rescuing both of us, that I have devoted my time to rescue work. I wrote a blog about the power of purr. I needed to pay it forward. I know when I hear that lovely sound all will be well. I can feel my blood pressure going down. Somehow she knows when I am missing her Dad and stays extra close. Tim used to have a tradition that at midnight on my birthday he would wake me up and kiss me on the nose and say “Happy Birthday honey, I love you.” My first birthday after Tim passed I felt something wet on my nose and it was Piper licking it. It was midnight. This freaked me out a little because she is not a lick your face kind of cat. She also doesn’t get up at midnight. The next year this happened again, and has continued. It’s like she has picked up the tradition where Tim left off. 🙂

    The love and care that an animal gives a human, makes my heart sing. They teach us life lessons and remind us to “keep the kitten alive” in us. They are the best remedy.

  6. I took care of my mom after her 3 neck surgeries by laying on her and making her rest. I even let my cat brothers assist by laying next to her, but sometimes I had to remind them with a swat and a hiss to be gentle.

  7. Glad you feel better and I agree cats have healing powers! My cats huddle around me and implement “Purr Power” whenever I’m not feeling well or have had a bad day. Cats are the best nurses! 🙂

  8. I’ve noticed for a few years now that whenever someone in my family is sick, or getting sick, that our cats turn into furry little nurses. The spend the bulk of their time in the ill persons lap.

  9. I suffer from severe depression and terrible anxiety with panic attacks. I can 100% honestly say I don’t know where I’d be without my guys (and girls). They know when a bad cycle hits and the only time I get out of bed is to scoop and feed them, no playing or singing. They always sleep with me anyway but my Indy will butt up tight back to back with me and Barker and Blazie with stay close to my head. You are absolutely correct, their purring is a lullaby that takes my mind to a better place and lulls me into a nightmare free sleep. Barkerman also always wakes me up if I am having a nightmare, I be making noise and thrashing about because he’ll come right on the pillow and head but me and knead my pillow until I wake. They are also better than any medication I’ve had for panic, just the simple act of sitting and petting with help the attack pass. If doctors could prescribe cats there would be a lot more healthy and peaceful people in the world. I’m glad to hear you feel better and your nurses were on call. 🙂

  10. Every time my human has been sick… the cats have avoided her! There are some patients that are just a big PITA, and apparently she is one of them – and everyone stays away. She hasn’t been sick since I’ve been her, but then, it has only been two and a half weeks, and I hope she stays well!

  11. Hi, I totally agree with you on the healing powers of cats. A couple of years ago I broke both of my legs! My two cats, Gini my 15 year old Siamese, and my 3 year old orange tabby Josephina were right there with me on my bed all through my two month ordeal. Josephina and I would play fetch; I would throw a crumpled up piece of paper as far as I could, and she would fetch it for me. We would play this game many times during the day. Gini would always knead on my belly and give me a wonderful massage there. You know kneading on the belly is good for the bowels, especially when you are not active, like me at that time. She and Gini would them curl up next to my leg casts and purr as loud as they could. I felt so relaxed! They helped me a lot while I was bedridded. Firstly, Josephina and I would get our exercise; throwing things is very good for the arms. Also Gini would be there for my massage. Secondly, they helped me psychologically. Cats are an alternative medicine to tranquilizers. It was a trying time for me and I would have flipped out if it weren’t for my two wonderful cats. Cats heal the body, but above all they heal the soul. God bless you and your kitties, and thank you for your informative and fun blog. Hope you are feeling better!

    • I’m so glad you had your two feline nurses and physical therapists to help you through your ordeal, Markella. Cats truly do heal body and soul. And yes, I’m feeling much better, thank you!

  12. Those girls are so funny. (I think they must get their sense of humor from their mom). The interesting thing about our kitties is that since they came to live with us, I’ve been sick much less often. AND my blood pressure, which has been variable, has been consistently lower. These kitties are giving ME nine lives!

    • There are studies that show that pets lower blood pressure, but I always love hearing first hand reports of this, Will. I love that your kitties are not just bringing you joy, but are also improving your health.

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