Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I have a confession to make: even though I’m usually the good sister, I did a bad thing the other day: I broke something even after Mom told me to leave it alone.

I recently discovered that sitting on top of the microwave is a lot of fun. I can see what’s going on in the kitchen, the dining room, and even the hallway. It’s prime feline real estate, that’s for sure! Is it my fault that Mom also uses the top of the microwave to store some stuff, like papers, and a Might Bright reading light? The reading light is a really cool pink color, and it just looked like it might make a fun toy. So, I did what any self-respecting cat would do: I started batting at it.

And it moved! Awesome! Unfortunately, it made some noise when it started moving, and when Mom came to see what I was doing, she told me in no uncertain terms to stop it. Sheesh! I was just having fun. When I batted at it again, she lifted me off the microwave and put me on the floor. Spoilsport!

I sort of forgot all about it, but then, later that morning, Mom was on the phone in the living room. And I saw my opportunity. I very quietly jumped up on the microwave, and started batting at the light again. After a few minutes it fell. And it made a very satisfying “thunk” when it landed on the kitchen floor.

What was not quite so satisfying was that it also sent Mom running into the kitchen. To her credit, she didn’t yell at me. She just looked at me, sighed, and said “well, now you’ve done it, Allegra.” Done what?

Well, apparently, I broke the thing. I thought it looked pretty intriguing, because now, instead of just one toy, there were multiple toys on the kitchen floor! A snake like thing, a couple of pieces of busted plastic, and even some wires hanging out of the thing. But Mom, being the wet blanket that she can sometimes be, just scooped everything up and threw it in the trash. Bummer!

She said that now she would have to order a new one from someplace called Amazon. And that I was lucky I was a cat, because otherwise, she’d make me pay for it out of my allowance. Hmm? What is this “allowance,” and why don’t I have one? And besides, it’s her fault that I broke it. She shouldn’t have left it up there, where it was just begging me to come play with it.

Have your kitties ever broken something that belonged to you?

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  1. One of our cats, Alice (now deceased), when she was about 10 years old, jumped on the kitchen counter as she usually liked to do. I had just finished washing a Gevalia coffemaker (small, only served about 4 cups) and it was drying on the counter, I hadn’ put it back on the base. With one whack of her tail (not intentional, of course) the coffemaker flew off the counter and broke on the floor. Strong tail! Very entertaining post about Allegra Ingrid, hope all is well. 😉

  2. Note to self, if you don’t want the cat to touch it, put behind closed doors or drawer….Anything left out is fair game once you are distracted. Allegra…you are the best, keep your world coming to us cat blog people…Meow

  3. What haven’t they broken, but it wouldn’t be a house full of cats if something wasn’t broken at least once a week. Lamps, alarm clocks, dishes, statues , cameras, phones, (cell and landline) earbuds and cords. It’s always a challenge to keep paws and teeth away from breakables, but ooh well it wouldn’t be home without the accidents.

  4. We’ve broken lots of things. Once when I was little, the mom had a framed picture sitting on the fireplace mantle. Well, I just had to jump up there and check it out…and knock it off…and the glass broke. The mom was not happy with me. ~Wally

  5. lol…Ahhhh Alegra your story is Ohhh so familier with our 4 fury ones. Not so often..but often enough CRASH…BOOM…BANG. Our new home has a lot of tiling and does not support a lot of traction for our kits..lol. So with playing there is a lot of sliding and there back end beats there front end lol… We must have kitty skid mark all over the floor haha.. from them trying to put on the brakes. So this does’nt help with things getting broken. The life of cat people… we cannot have anything that may dangle or breakable trinkets made of glass ..nothing delicate..lol. An keepsake breakable items must be put away or placed in our always closed china hutch. Sometimes we get a little confortable and forget to put up a vase or even my sons ear buds for his Ipod have had to replaced and come out of kitty’s allowance hehe 😉 because he made the fatal mistake of leaving it dangling from his computer desk. one of the ear buds had been chewed off..woops lol. My Sister always says “This is why we cannot have nice things” lol.

  6. Um, Allegra, this really was your mom’s fault for putting said book light in such prime cat real estate, and then not moving it (instead of you) when you first told her it was in your way..

  7. My name is Bixby, and my mum said I had to admit that I have been bad at times. One time I broke a hand painted serving plate. Mum was really upset. Brianna, my fur friend who lives with us got into trouble yesterday for going into a clothing closet and getting stuck. We have both been trying to be good for mum and dad, those shoe laces are so much fun.

  8. That’s a very defiant look, missy. My feline household trained me years ago, if I don’t want them using something for a toy, I need to just get it out of their reach, and that’s not an easy task!

  9. It’s absolutely not your fault, Allegra! Your mom should put away her things if she doesn’t want you playing with them. Naturally, on top of the microwave is cat territory. Our cat, Spunky Doodle, loves sitting there every morning while I get my breakfast ready. Too bad she threw everything away instead of letting you play some more with the pieces. What was she thinking?

  10. Allegra you are EXACTLY right! ANY cat would have done the same! Geeze! Your Mom should have moved that thing after she told you the first time………but that’s how these Moms/Humans are. They blame US for breaking things when they shouldn’t have left it there to begin with!

    BTW Allegra, I LOVE your sophisticated taste in toys.

    Have I broken anything? I can’t think of anything right now but I must have at some point!
    Love, Cody

  11. When we were little, we broke our mom’s lamp that was on a dresser. Another time we broke a hand-painted English tile that she brought back from England in 1979. For some reason, our mom calls us her “Kittehs of Mass Destruction.”

  12. Oh Allegra, you silly girl! My Bengal Lennon thinks the entire house is his jungle and LOVES to go up high on the cupboards above the refrigerator. This doesn’t make Mom too happy. BUT this morning there was a great game of chase going through the house and lamp got knocked over. This poor lamp has already been repaired at least twice. The life with cats!

  13. My boy Terra Firma is obsessed with my computer mouse. Unfortunately it sits next to my laptop on the kitchen counter next to our trash can. Just about every day I come home from work to find it sitting in the trash! I think after he’s done that he moves on to find other things to knock down. All four of mine enjoy Risky Business surfing on my dining room tablecloth! So much so that I eventually took everything off the table (most days the cloth is on the floor when I get home from work). Every day is an adventure!

    • I’m still chuckling at your computer mouse winding up in the trash on a daily basis, Sandra. Sounds to me like Terra Firma is taking his job as chief mouser very seriously…

  14. I broke an alarm clock once. There is a big cut out hole in an cabinet that sits in the corner. I like to sit on the shelf but then I discovered that I could jump behind the cabinet. It’s a really cool hiding place. After a while I got bored so when I went to leave I discovered that they only way out was to jump back out. In the process I grabbed the cord to the alarm clock. It came crashing down and almost hit me! Mom came running and at first couldn’t find me. (That’s why I like that place.) When she did she had to move the entire cabinet and replace the clock. She didn’t seem too upset about the clock nor with me. She just gave me one of her “Really?” looks.

    I really like that hiding spot but it seems to drive Mom crazy when I go back there because she has to move it every time to get me out. The other day I went to go back there and discovered it was covered up by all these books! I think that’s her gentle way of telling me the game is up!

  15. (sigh) some of my foster cats climbed up on a window sill in the kitchen, and carefully knocked her salt and pepper shakers into the sink, breaking them to pieces…of course, when I opened the door and found the mess, everyone looked away, and blamed each other.
    As mothers often say, “this is why we can’t have nice things!!!!”

    As our cat rescue says, if you don’t cat-proof your house, your cat will do it for you…I should have secured them with that museum wax.

    My desktop computer isn’t working, so I’m using a laptop. My cats are fascinated, instead of sitting on a nice, warm box, now they get to take turns sneaking onto the keyboard of the laptop, or the half-opened laptop.

    When I took my desktop box in to be repaired, they opened it up, and found lots and lots of hair! Ick!

  16. This is from Queenie Cat. I broke a nice glass vase my owner had on top of the bookcase after she adopted me. She put it right in my way so I knocked it off and broke it. I wasn’t in too much trouble because I am a cat. I was told not to do that again and I promptly ignored the request. 🙂

  17. Oh yes, there have been so many kitties that have lived in this house with Mom, either short term [she calls them fosters-in-great need] or long term [she also calls them foster-in-great-need or rescues], and that has me confused. Then there’s that “foster failure reference I really don’t understand which always yields me more playmates – yay!

    We’re usually fairly respectful of the things in our home. Now the humans in her life, on the other hand, have been extremely destructive and apparently none of them have one of those allowance things either, because whether small or large, cheap or mega-expensive, new or rare antique, they never pay for anything they destroy. Makes mom very upset, then very sad, because she cannot afford to keep replacing what others break when she’s worked very hard on what is called social security disability fixed income, to keep things intact here for all our benefit.

    I guess the most we’ve been guilty of is chewing on her important papers she’s working on, that she says is important so that we have that income thing; or, occasionally picking those very documents to vomit on when we have the occasional fur or extra food to expel. Sorry, Mom…

  18. So far I haven’t broken anything… but my human stepped on one of my toys tonight, a plastic ball with a bell in it, and broke it! Maybe I should dock HER allowance!

  19. Allegra, you are so darn cute (and you write so well, too! I think your mom needs to stop taking credit for your creative blog posts!) And how could anyone stay mad at your for breaking that pink light. I mean, why else would someone make something like that if it wasn’t meant to be batted around! Sheesh!

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