The other night, the girls had a big bug hunting adventure, and they wanted to share it with you. I don’t know who had more fun: the girls or me. They were utterly fascinated by this new “toy” in our living room. I was thoroughly entertained watching them try to catch the bug. The level of teamwork they displayed was remarkable; I swear I could hear them strategize on how to best approach this hunt!

But why don’t I let them tell you in their own words.


Allegra: Ruby, come over here. You’ve got to see this!

Ruby: What? What’s over there? I’m … Oooh! A bug! A bug!

Allegra: Told you!

Ruby: We should catch it. I bet it would be fun to play with, and Mom would be proud of us. I’m going to pounce on it!

Allegra: Whoa, not so fast, Ruby. We’ve got to come up with a strategy first.


Ruby: What’s strategy?

Allegra: We have to have a plan.

Ruby: Well, why didn’t you say that in the first place! You’re such a show off with your big words. I know what our plan should be: we pounce on the bug!

Allegra: We have to be smart about it. We don’t want it to get away.

Ruby: I’m fast! I can get it on my first pounce!

Allegra: Slow down, Ruby. Let’s figure out what the bug is going to do first.


Ruby: I see it, I see it. I’m going to pounce!

Allegra pounces.


Ruby: Hey! I called dibs!

Allegra: You snooze, you loose, little one!

Ruby: I’m going to chase you off this table, Allegra. This bug was supposed to be mine!

Ingrid: Do I have to come over there?


Allegra and Ruby: Nothing to see here, Mom…

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10 Comments on Allegra, Ruby and the Great Bug Hunting Adventure

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. Ruby was a beautiful girl.
    And, what a beautiful adventure from their point of view. Cats are truly amazing, beautifully graceful & intelligent animals.

  2. That is awesome sounds like what my cats say to each other. lol Sid goes nuts over the mice & Abbey loves the

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