I love the week between Christmas and New Year’s. The pace of life seems to slow down just a little bit, most people still retain a little of the magic of Christmas, and it’s a perfect time for reflection. The Norwegians actually have a name for this week: “romjula.” According to the Norwegian Language Blog, “rom” means ”room” or ”space.” Romjula is the ”space” between jul (Christmas) and nyttår (New Year).

For me, this space between the years has always been a time of reflecting on the year that is about to leave, and setting some intentions for the New Year. I consciously give thanks for all the blessings the year has brought. I acknowledge the things that may not have gone quite the way I would have liked, and consciously let them go. If any regrets come up during this period, I gently release them with compassion.

I make two lists during this period of time: one lists all the things I want to let go of, the other lists my intentions and wishes for the New Year. On New Year’s Eve, I read both lists out loud. I start with the list of the things that no longer serve me, and after reading it, I tear it into small pieces. (One year, I did a ceremonial burning of the list in a metal bowl, but Allegra and Ruby were so spooked by this that I discontinued that part of the ritual!). I keep the list of the New Year’s intentions and wishes. It’s been wonderful over the years to see how many of the items on these annual lists have manifested.

Of course, Allegra is an integral part of this space between the years. They remind me not just during this week, but every day of the year, that it’s not all about doing, but that sometimes, it’s enough to just be.

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8 Comments on Sunday Purrs: The Space Between the Years

  1. fewer customers are calling and I’ve been generally so busy just before that a normal pace feels very relaxed. I also find a great initiative to clean and restore organization before the new year–this is never an intention, but there must be some universal pull to put things to right at the end of the year. When I think over the year and the goods and the bads. I am blessed to always have more goods, unless I just can’t remember all the bads by the end of the year. Either way, it’s a good way to transition. Having felines to participate makes it even better.

    I’m not sure why my comment started then posted after just a few words!

  2. Wonderful post Ingrid. Thanks so much for continuing to be such a positive light!

    I too enjoy this particular week. December is our busiest month business wise so this is a great week to catch our breath…and what better time for reflection than the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. I do love the idea of writing the things down that you want to let go and then setting new “intentions”. This is something that I’m going to encourage Mark to sit down with me and us do together. Namaste

    • Aww, thanks, Toni. It means so much to know that my Sunday posts make a difference. I’m glad you and Mark are getting a chance to slow down a bit this week.

  3. On behalf of my non -human kids, pet cats “Matahari” and “Matata” wish everyone a “Happy New Year-2015”.As mentioned the last week of the year 2014 is the best time for reminiscing the past 11 months and also planning a little for the future in a World that is getting very unpredictable for us humans.At times i envy the lifestyle of my cats living the ultimate “CAT LIFE” at my cost, sleeping 18 hours a day and eating when not sleeping !

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