Summer is my favorite season, and I always feel that it passes much too quickly. So far, it’s been a great summer. Even though up until last week, I was buried in a deadline for my two new books (I turned them in to my publisher last Friday), I still made time for summer pleasures. Now that my schedule isn’t quite so intense, I’m going to make sure that I savor each warm, sunny day and make plenty of memories to get me through the cold, dark days of winter.

Think back to some of your favorite summer memories – I’ll be you anything that most will take you back to your childhood. It seems that once we grow up, making summer memories takes a back seat to our busy schedules. And yet, it’s more important than ever to take advantage of the season: relax a little, give yourself permission to be lazy, and do something fun.

Making summer memories doesn’t require going on vacation, although, of course, it’s great if you can do that. Some of the best summer memories come from small moments right where you live: an evening stroll with a good friend, watching the fireflies in your backyard, or eating a really great piece of watermelon.

I’m making my summer memories by spending time with friends, eating at my favorite outdoor restaurants, going for long walks, spending afternoons on my sunny deck reading, and, of course, hanging out with Allegra and Ruby, who are also summer girls. Even on the hottest days, they love hanging out in the sun puddles and refuse to let me close the blinds to conserve some energy.

What are you doing to make summer memories? Anyone want to go for ice cream with me?

10 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Are You Making Summer Memories?

  1. I personally prefer a polar vortex over summer’s clammy and humid weather ;), actually fall is my favorite season. We don’t have AC, too expensive so we rely on fans. It’s miserable for our two cats though, they are looking at me like they are wondering where the zipper for their fur coats are…. I had to curtail their regular workouts, too hot. 🙁

  2. I would love to have ice cream with you! As long as it’s vegan 🙂 My kitties and I usually enjoy hanging out on the screened in porch. This summer seems to be more hot/humid than recent ones, so we have not been out there much. When I open the door and they come back inside after a minute, you know it’s icky out there! I recently lost my beloved and beautiful Squeaky to stomach cancer so this summer has a bit of a taint on it, but I am honoring her by taking on one more foster, as she was my very first “foster failure”. I also make sure to dote on my other kitties more than ever, as this really woke me up and made me more conscious of living every day to its fullest. She was only 9 and was taken far too soon.

    • I’m sorry about Squeaky, Kristine. I think she’d like knowing that her passing reminded you to live every day to its fullest.

      And I can do vegan ice cream 😉

  3. Although I was not at first a summer person I’ve learned to love every season for its gifts. When I dreamed of working at home, it was always a perfect summer morning with all the windows and doors open, leafy shadows and the sounds of birds, happy cats napping all over my desk. Each year there is at least one morning just like that which reinforces both my ideal of working at home and my love of summer, which working at home gave me time to enjoy all the more. Today is absolutely purrfect.

    • I have many, many happy summer memories from my childhood. But my very happiest memory was the 26 years I lived in Melbourne Beach, Fl. There it was summer all year and I LOVED it!!! Am back in Ohio now with my family, but oh how I miss the land of constant sunshine!!!

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