I believe that we are happiest when we allow ourselves to life a life of passion. I’ve been on a journey of following my bliss for more than two decades now, and I’ve been fortunate that for the past fifteen plus years, I’ve been able to do work I’m passionate about, from working in and eventually managing a veterinary hospital to my current incarnation of writing about and working with cats.

A recent Op Ed piece in the New York Times titled Lady Gaga and the Life of Passion reminded me once again just how much discovering and following your passion contributes to a happy and fulfilled life. I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga, but I admire anyone who lives such an unconventional, and, for lack of a better word, huge life and who is successful at it.

In the piece, Gaga is quoted as saying “I suppose that I didn’t know what I would become, but I always wanted to be extremely brave and I wanted to be a constant reminder to the universe of what passion looks like. What it sounds like. What it feels like.” I’d say she’s accomplished that and then some.

While most of us won’t reach Lady Gaga’s esoteric heights of fame and success, we can all do something to infuse our lives with more passion. People who live big lives filled with passion share some common traits. Maybe it’s not realistic to quit your job to follow your bliss right now, but you can learn from those who are following their passion. Even small changes can set you on a path to infusing your life with more passion.

Discover your passion

Do you even know what you’re passionate about? Passion is more than just liking something. People who live with passion have an intense desire to bring meaning to their lives. They feel compelled to live a meaningful life. They may be driven by wanting to change the world, or by wanting to create beauty, but regardless of what their passion is, they will make a deep commitment to stay true to themselves.

Be willing to take some risks

Living a life of passion requires courage. Making dreams come true may require letting go of comfort and a sense of security. You don’t need to sell all your possessions and meditate on a mountain top, but taking small steps toward living your passion, even if they take you outside your comfort zone, will result in big changes.

Be yourself

People who  live passion filled lives tend to not worry about what others think about them. They own their uniqueness and are not afraid to be authentic. They’re also some of the most interesting people to be around, perhaps precisely because they don’t care whether anyone else judges them.

I’d like to think that if anyone knows how to live a life of passion, it’s cats. Most cats are somewhat self-contained and march to the beat of their own drummer. They do what they want when they want it. They’re all about doing things that feel good.

Do you feel that your life could use a little more passion?


9 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Live a Life of Passion

  1. Ingrid, excellent article. And each of the posts are, true too! So maybe, in small way we can make, or indulge in a passion.

    • There’s definitely a difference between liking something and being passionate about something, Janine. For me, one of the measures is that when I do something I’m passionate about, I lose complete track of time.

  2. “LIVING A LIFE OF PASSION” is easier said than done for the majority of us humans as “MONEY” rules our lives.Unless a person has enough money of their own and are independent from employment and their own bosses they can’t think of indulging in their passions.Rarely at times a “Hobby” as a passion along with a job does lead to “Middle Class” happiness but i personally feel that its mostly the moneyed class that are usually successful in starting their own passions as a business or employ others in their passion.How many cats get abandoned in stray shelters due to their owners unable to afford their maintenance or simply just bored of them ? A survey once conducted resulted in a surprising truth where the majority didn’t like their jobs from which they earned their incomes proving that their actual passions were in some other field or vocation.

    • I agree that money plays a role when it comes to whether someone pursues their passion, but I also believe that it is possible to succeed at turning a passion for something into a successful career. It may take time and persistence, but it can be done.

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