Sundays are for resting, and taking a break. And sometimes, the best way to spend a Sunday is to do absolutely nothing. And how better than our cats to show us just how to do that?

Give it a try today. Just sit on the sofa, preferably with a cat or two or three, and just be. Don’t think, don’t plan. Just sit and read a book, or watch mindless TV, or admire the way your cat has purrfected the art of doing nothing.

Photo of Pearl by Nancy McMahon

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7 Comments on Sunday Purrs: The Value of Doing Nothing

  1. I love cats! They don’t just love any & everyone. Their love is earned and once they do it’s forever. My cat follows me everywhere, when I’m home he is my side kick. He gets mad when I don’t take breaks to sit down and pet him; he crys till I do.

  2. Just saw this oh so appropriate post. How I envy my two every time I’m rushing around while they are just relaxing, each on his/her favorite chair. Now that I’m older I do have the sitting part down but my mind still works on things I should be doing or could have done, etc. That needs a little work, how to relax the mind.

  3. I go crazy when I don’t have something to do. I wouldn’t say I am an overly active person, but just sitting isn’t my thing either. On the other hand, my husband would be in heaven if he could sit and stare at the tv all day long.

  4. Ingrid I think you have plagiarized my idea in this article. A few hours before reading your article i clicked a “Autoclickphoto” of me standing in my living room with my two cats sleeping on the two couches on either sides of the small sitting room. I have two cat groups on on “FB” titled “Mumbai Cat Club” and “Persian Cats upkeep and breeding” in which the cat articles are posted including the photo i removed today(Sunday 24-7-2016). I captioned the photo as follows , quote, ” Living with cats in Mumbai.My house would be absolutely empty without my cats for intellectual writing inspiration and relaxation..A candid photo of living with my cats and their normal daily life and living while i am at home.I envy their lifestyle of just sleeping and eating while i have to earn a living !Ingrid seems cat owners and bloggers have a errie “Cat Telepathy” !

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