There are hundreds of folk tales and superstitions surrounding cats, and one of them is that cats steal a dead person’s soul. Of course we know that that’s ridiculous. In fact, and I’m sure that all of you agree with me on this: cats are good for the soul.

People may fall into one of two categories: soul suckers or soul savers. Soul suckers are always negative, angry and judgmental. Soul savers, on the other hand, see the beauty and light in the world. Just being around them feels good.

There’s no doubt in my mind that all cats are soul savers.

Photo by Susan Spicer

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6 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Cats Can Save Your Soul

  1. Yes. our SaraLee make us laugh and smile and stops us when we look at her antics. She ‘rests.’ She’s our doll….all our cats (and dogs) that have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge have impacted many ways. Even the ‘grand-pets’ impact us.

  2. I agree, with Raine’s comments. Many times when I feel the world caving in, I give my boys a hug and a kiss then, feel like I have the strength to go on.

  3. I’m with you, cats are soul savers. I know I’ve heard tons of people say the same as me – their cat (s) were what got me through a very sad and rough time in my life. It wasn’t humans that were there for me but my cats, they definitely saved my soul. Have a wonderful and peaceful day.

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