Did someone say “turkey?”

I often wonder how Allegra and Ruby feel about the fact that I’m mostly vegetarian. I suspect that they would prefer me to be a carnivore like them. While I do eat some seafood, I usually eat that only when I eat out. As a result, the most exciting people food treats the girls get are the occasional pieces of cheese. Ruby doesn’t care all that much for people food (except tuna!), she prefers cat treats. Allegra likes to try different things, but I’d never seen her as excited about people food as she was when I came home from Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday. Why don’t I let her tell you in her own words?

Allegra: Mom came home with one of those plastic containers in her hand. I thought that was a little weird, normally, these containers come out of our cabinets or the fridge, not from outside. But I didn’t think much about it, because Ruby and I were busy greeting her the way we usually do, rubbing up against her and asking for pets. After she put her coat away, she went into the kitchen.

Ruby: Is it time for treats? Mom, we’ve been so good while you were gone!

Ingrid: Girls, I have something special for you today!

Ruby: What? What is it? Out of my way, Allegra! Mom said she had something special for me!

Allegra: Rolls eyes. She said for us, Ruby, for us. Just be patient and…. OMC! What is that smell! It smells amazing!

Allegra: I knew there was something really good in that plastic container, and I started to chirp and meow and weave through Mom’s legs. Ruby kept getting in my way, but I didn’t pay any attention to her. Finally, Mom put too small plates with a piece of turkey on each down on the floor.

Allegra: Turkey, turkey, turkey! OMC, Ruby, it’s turkey!

Allegra: I grabbed the piece of turkey off my plate and ran off to the bedroom with it. There was no way I was going to take a chance that Ruby might get my piece! Mom followed me and watched me eat it in the bedroom, then she went back to the kitchen. I ran after her. Was there more?

Meanwhile, Ruby didn’t seem to show any interest in her piece. She licked at it a few times, and then spit it out. She spit it out! What is wrong with her? I was getting ready to snatch it up, but Mom gave me a fresh piece. I ran off with that piece, too, and took my time enjoying it in the bedroom.

I went back in the kitchen to beg Mom for more, but she said two big pieces was enough. I guess Mom knows best, but i could have eaten an entire big turkey, it was so good!

Ruby: grumbles.

Allegra: What, Ruby?

Ruby: I don’t know what the big deal is about this Thanksiving turkey. Why can’t there be Thanksgiving tuna?

Allegra: sighs.

Did your kitties get turkey treats on Thanksgiving? Did they love it?

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  1. Oh my, I loved reading this post! I am almost a vegetarian, I eat meat/poultry/fish only once, perhaps twice, a week. I would call myself a flexitarian, and when vegan cheese actually tastes like real cheese, and doesn’t cost seven times as much as real cheese, I could easily become a vegan. Anyway, this was about cat(s) and turkey – our cat Kajsa sniffs at all human food, and then walks away – ham, turkey, cheese, shrimp, she looks interested at first and then doesn’t even take a small bite. She wants her “snacks” and wet cat food (chicken) from the pouch. We did have a cat that ate everything, and I mean Everything – sponge cake, ginger snaps, cucumber, pizza slices, tacos, spicy spaghetti Bolognese, chips and icecream. One of the reasons why I love cats!

  2. I’m a vegetarian too, so my girls only get treats when I’m out with friends and they have leftover meat items that they don’t want to take home that I bring home a doggy (oops,Kitty) bag. So I went to my brothers for Thanksgiving and brought home turkey just like I did last year. Last year my girl Tessie gobbled up the bits that I brought home. This year, she wasn’t very interested at all. I know she’s been dealing with appetite issues… But I really thought she would’ve enjoyed the turkey 🙁

  3. Cholla used to love to grab the turkey and run with it! He would growl too! So cute, like someone was going to take it away…lol! He’s gone now, but his sister could not care less about human food. She barely eats her canned food now. Only thing she loves is the Iams dry food. I know it’s not good for her so I limit it to one scoop at nighttime only. Just can’t deny her what she loves at 17.

  4. Mozaic was very enthusiastic about the Thanksgiving turkey, and the leftovers. I only give her a tiny bit. Topaz had no interest. She does not really eat meat, although she likes cheese and bacon.

  5. I cooked the neck and liver for Pepper. She really liked the liver and was so so on the meat. She did eat it but not right away.

  6. such a cute story! Nope, no turkey for Cody, we haven’t made any yet (we went to my niece’s house), might make some this weekend or next…but….Cody barely gets any because I have heard turkey is bad for male cats.

  7. Our kitties were offered turkey left-overs, and some ate, others not. Of course, the three ferals at the door wolfed down every bite (no matter what is offered). My Amber prefers pork chops, and chicken over hamburger, but ‘roast beast’ is the best ever! (Pot roast). Yes, we are all carnivores in my house except Truffie who just prefers her kibble

  8. My 19 yr old had a few bites. She is very dainty, and now she is the only feline left she doesn’ t need to rush. She has never been a treat eater and does not beg. I sometimes wonder why she is the last cat standing when the last 3 before were 12…..she has survived 5 of our cats, the other 2 were 18….you showing us the raw is great, as I had a cat I showed and they only used raw….just wondering what will be the right formula for felines of the future…we are seeing so many at a younger age leave us…Ingred do you think maybe a larger panel with our comments especially what we fed those that perished too early ate?

      • I agree why did all my cats before these last 3 that passed at 12 live to be at least 18….They all ate what food was available for the last 40+ years of my life and now….I give

  9. All 5 of my furkids LOVE turkey! They know what it is even before it’s unwrapped and put on their plate! Problem is every time I go into the kitchen now, they run thinking there is more turkey!!!

  10. Ours didn’t get turkey treats because hubby and I are vegan but mine would rather have fish for sure & they do get it lol. Though I think they would rather have potato chips hahaha

  11. From the UK…. and we don’t have your Thanksgiving celebrations of course; in this house we don’t eat meat but plenty of fish, so our four cats can have some if they wish…. point I’m making is that Ella NEVER eats human food, give her fish or meat (I do get prepared roast chicken for the others which they enjoy) and she thinks you’re trying to poison her. She prefers he dried food (special diet – one may not agree with it, I don’t think Ingrid does, but it has suited her for 17 years and she has thrived on it) Glad your Allegra at least enjoyed hers.

  12. My human is always amazed when we kitties get so excited over some new chicken or turkey or fish in the house! I don’t know why it’s so surprising – it just smells so awesome! I guess the human sense of smell is not all that well tuned.

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