I like a good drama as much as the next person. Intrigue, passion, mystery – what’s not to like? But when I say I like drama, I’m talking about fiction, not real life. When it comes to real life drama, I don’t want any part of it.

There’s an awful lot of drama everywhere you look these days. It’s probably disproportionately represented in online communities – for some, interacting with others online seems to remove a “courtesy filter” that sometimes stops drama from happening in “real life.”

Drama can be anything from gossiping to constant complaining to being unkind to another person. Drama is highly toxic – it feels heavy, suffocating and constricting. And it’s highly seductive, because once you engage, it becomes difficult to escape.

If there’s drama in your life, you need to take a good look at yourself – because chances are, on some level, you’re creating it. Are you looking for some excitement in your life? Did you grow up with lots of drama, so being around it feels comfortable? You may be surprised at the answers to these questions.

Make a conscious choice to disengage from the drama in your life. Don’t participate in gossip. Don’t feed into other peoples’ drama. Reconsider unhealthy relationships and get rid of the energy vampires in your life, or limit contact with them as much as possible. If there are people in your life who thrive on drama, let them know you’ve made a decision to not participate any longer, and invite them to do the same. Communicate honestly and directly with others.

Cats don’t like drama, either. They prefer life to be peaceful. They’re sensitive to the energy around them, and they tend to take on their human’s problems, sometimes, in an effort to heal them. That’s not only an awful lot of hard work for a cat, it’s also detrimental to their well-being.

You  may never be able to completely eliminate drama  from your life, but you can choose to not play the game. I guarantee you that your life will be more peaceful. And so will your cats’ lives.

Photo of Conchita by Nikki Mantel

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6 Comments on Sunday Purrs: Say No to Drama

  1. Hi Ingrid, a new follower here! It’s indeed amazing how cats (and other pets) can be an inspiration in different aspects of our life. One of my mentors who teach marketing told us how she first learned marketing from her cats! 🙂

    I can relate with @Cindy, my cat would bring in our porch a frog every so often. So probably there is something on frogs that they like to bring as “offering”?

    I love this part in your article “because once you engage, it becomes difficult to escape”. So true!

  2. There certainly is a lot of drama going on at work. It makes me uncomfortable. I just try and get through the day. I’ve been with this company for many years, and I know eventually it will pass. It does however seem to be getting harder the older I get. I have no use for it. I just try to keep focused so I can come home to Pipers. Fuzz therapy is the best therapy.

    The only drama at home is if Piper decides to bring to me home a frog (which terrifies me) and having to find someone to get rid of it! 🙂

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