Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Today is my 7th Adoption Anniversary! Seven years ago today, Mom brought me home to live with her and Amber. Sadly, I never got to know Amber really well, because she passed away six weeks after I arrived. Then it was just Mom and me for almost a year before Ruby joined our family. I love my life with Mom, but sometimes, I think maybe bringing Ruby home was not one of Mom’s better ideas…

Ruby: blows raspberry at Allegra.

Ingrid: Allegra was about seven months old when I adopted her, and I really can’t believe that my gorgeous girl will be eight years old later this year. I often hear friend who have human children comment on how you really notice how time flies when you watch your kids grow up. I think the same thing is true for cats – it seems like only yesterday, this little kitten started to explore her new home.

Allegra: The last seven years have been so awesome! I love you, Mom!

Ruby: What about me, Allegra? Don’t you love me, too?

Allegra: Sigh. Oh little one, you know I do. Although some days, you’re a little harder to love than others…

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25 Comments on Allegra’s World: 7th Adoption Anniversary

  1. Allerga I am so sorry that I missed you adoption anniversary, please forgive me an I hope you had a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you for all the good wishes! The anniversary girl had a great day and didn’t even mind that we had to huddle in our downstairs bathroom for 15 minutes during a tornado warning. She and Ruby thought it was all a big adventure!

  3. Happy Tortie Adoption Day, Allegra!
    Torties are special souls to me. I have had
    four in my lifetime!
    Allegra you are so beautiful.
    Enjoy Ruby and your entire family!

    Sedona, the Calico and Patti, her Mom

  4. Happy Join-the-Family Day! Bring on the treats 🙂 We have two the same age as Allegra and still refer to them as “the babies”.

  5. Happy adoptaversary beautiful Allegra, you are a charming, beautiful kitty. Have a wonderful celebration with your mom and Ruby too.

  6. Allerga,

    Happy seven years with your family. Yes, time flies! Just think of all the joyous times your family has had.

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Allegra…you are a gorgeous girl and part of a pawsome family…enjoy your day!
    Amanda, Pumpkin, Sugar (Torties too), Chubby, Mikey and Mom Jackie xoxox

  8. Happy Adoptaversay Allegra from all of us, especially Blazie. She’s a tortie and says never loose your tortitude!!!

  9. Happy Adoptionversary! The two photos are great – Allegra went from a cute lil’ kitten to a beautiful adult Torti-Cat!

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