Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Guess what! I’m seven years old today! Apparently that means I’m officially a senior kitty now, but Mom says I sure don’t act like one. She says I will always be her kitten. I still look like one, too, because I’m so tiny. I may be tiny, but I’m mighty!

Allegra: rolls eyes.

Ruby: Allegra, you have to do what I say all day today, because I’m the birthday princess!

Allegra: Dream on, little one.

Ruby: I dream of tuna for everyone!

With my Mom, the day she brought me home!

35 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: It’s my 7th Birthday!

  1. Whatever would we do without our beloved pets! Happy birthday, Ruby. My tortoise shell (SaraLee) ….love of our lives. A shelter cat….had a litter…did good with her kittens…now The Princess! Every day a gift….don’t waste a minute. Adopt!

  2. Ingrid, that is a cute picture of a young Ruby and you.

    As for Ruby, A Big Happy Birthday! You are seven years young. Many more birthdays for you and Allegra! Hope, you get your birthday wish of….. All Day Tuna!

    Grayson, Milo, and Nancy

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