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2 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Purring from the Heart

  1. Interesting that I woke up to this quote this morning. Last night I was purring with my queen and for the first time, she responded to my very elementary purr in the very same way. When I pet Chiara I usually make a very low pitch guttural sound, a single click on the back of my tongue, sometimes I can make several in a row to mimic some of their sounds. Cat’s repertoire is so varied when they talk to each other. Well, this morning she responded to me with the same clicking sound and for a few minutes, we were lost in love. I want to believe that this morning Chiara show me that she understood I was trying to tell her that her Mom loves her, and even though my sound doesn’t mean anything in the cat’s world, she copied it to show me that she got it and that she loves me back. Isn’t it amazing?! Happy Sunday 🙂

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