Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! Guess what! I’m eight years old today! Mom says she can’t believe it, because I still look and act like a kitten. But I’m old and wise now!

Allegra: rolls eyes.

Ruby: Allegra, you think you’re so smart because you’re a year older than me. But guess what: today is my day, and you have to do everything I tell you to, because I’m the birthday princess!

Allegra: You keep telling yourself that, little one.

Ruby: You better, Allegra, or you’re not going to get any of my tuna cake. There is going to be tuna cake, right?

Ruby The Conscious Cat
My first day in my new home

31 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: It’s my 8th Birthday!

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Ruby! May you have many more healthy, happy birthdays ahead..I love you and please tell Allegra I love her too!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ruby . I’m going to be following you and Allegra on Facebook now. Much easier to drops comments.
    Tuna tuna tuna

  3. Ruby,

    Happy eight years! Know more years are on the way. Make sure, you get that tuna cake!

    Grayson, Milo, Nancy

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