Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a very important job that I do every single day: I’m mom’s purrsonal trainer!

Every day, she takes these big teal green things and waves them around in the air for a few minutes. She stands in front of the bedroom mirror when she does it. She says it’s so she uses “proper form.” What does that even mean? I think it’s so she can keep an eye on me on the bed behind her!

Then when she’s done with the green things, she takes the purple circle and rolls her shoulders while she holds it. I  keep waiting for her to toss it so I can chase it, but she says it’s not a toy. Humans are weird.

Then she lies on the floor and does what she calls stomach crunches and leg lifts. I always assist her with both – she looks so pathetic lying there on the floor, it’s so clear to me that she needs help! I rub my face against hers. Then I walk under her bent knees. Sometimes, for good measure, when she slows down too much for my taste, I give her a little nip to make sure she doesn’t slack off.

But my favorite thing is the final thing she does every day: she takes the little red ball and stands on it first with one foot, then the other, and rolls her food over the ball. She says it releases tight fascia and helps her body stain in alignment. I think those are just fancy words for “I won’t let Allegra play with the Lacrosse ball,” because every time I try to bat it out from under her foot, she moves out of my paw’s reach.

Don’t you think mom is lucky to have her very own purrsonal trainer? I bet if it wasn’t for me making sure she does her workout every day, she’d just be lazy like a cat!

6 Comments on Allegra’s World: Purrsonal Trainer

  1. Hi Allegra – wow that is so pawsome that you are your mommy’s trainer! You actually have given me some ideas for my own mommy who could use a nip to get her butt in gear. She has those wave around things too but doesn’t use them alot and and yet is always complaining about her saggy arms. Tomorrow morning I will wake her up early by biting her head until she wakes up and then make her exercise. You are an inspiration Allegra – thank you! 🙂

  2. Hi Allegra, Can you come over here and help my mommy get in shape. She says round is a shape, but I know it’s not the shape she wants. But I do like making biscuits on her tummy, so I don’t know. Maybe we should just keep her round.
    …..Miss Kiki

  3. My human’s workout things aren’t anywhere near as fun as your human’s! For one thing, a lot of them are DVDs of people jumping around, and she imitates them, and takes up the whole living room. For another thing, she doesn’t have the ball and the little round thing. She probably should because I could use more cat toys.

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