Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! You’re never going to guess what happened. It has to do with being smart, and with helping mankind, and contributing to the greater good!

Do I have you on the edge of your seat yet? Good. Because this is big! Okay, drum roll please! (Okay, maybe not drum roll. I don’t really like loud noises. But you get the idea.)

I’m so smart that my photo was used in a scientific paper!

No, I’m not kidding. A couple of months ago, Mom got an email from a mathematician in Austria who was working on a paper titled “Automated reasoning in elementary geometry: towards inquiry learning.” Don’t ask me what any of this means – and don’t ask Mom, either. Math has never been her strong suit. Anyway, the researcher found my photo during a Google search, and asked Mom for permission to use it in his paper.


Apparently he’s using the example of a cat falling off a ladder to highlight whatever point he’s making in his paper. “A second task we highlight is the locus of a falling cat that is sitting at a fixed position on a ladder which is sliding down a wall. The task is to determine the geometric movement of the cat. This example is actually a reformulation of the trammel of Archimedes, also known as an ellipsograph, that produces an elliptic motion.”


Whew, lots of big words, huh?

But seriously, how totally cool is this!

Allegra: Just because your photo was used doesn’t mean you’re smart, Ruby.

Ruby: That’s Dr. Ruby, Ph.D. to you, Allegra!

Allegra: sighs. I knew this was going to go to your head, little one.

Ruby: And here you thought you were the smart one in this family!

Allegra: rolls eyes.

Ruby: Mom, this means I get tuna every day now, right?

Ingrid: I have to be honest, I’m just as tickled as Ruby about this. I certainly never thought I’d be cited in the reference section of a scientific paper, and most definitely not a math paper. I was a pretty good student, but my forté was languages, not math. I barely passed math in high school.

You can find the link to the full paper here.

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12 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: Contributing to Science

  1. Congratulations, Ruby! That sounds like one scientific paper we might want to read… or at least look at the pictures.

  2. Thank you for the cat ladder website….I have been looking for something that is not a clunky cat tree, and this is great….so flexible and attractive
    And thank you, Ingrid, for all the great product reviews.

    • ps to cat ladder…
      Ingrid, how high is that dining room cabinet? It looks like you have the ladder with 7 steps ?
      I have a bookcase here that would be perfect to use for this

      • Yes, our ladder is the 7-step ladder. You can find details about how to figure out which size ladder would work for you on the FAQ page on the Cat Ladder website.

  3. Oh Ruby, you should be proud to be seen in that science article, as long as the mathematician doesn’t suggest you should actually fall off the ladder, that would be pushing it too far.

  4. That’s really pawsome! We don’t understand any if the science part and our mom says she gets what it’s about but has no clue about all of the details. That’s crazy your photo popped up and is being used for science in an Austrian paper. Thanks for sharing!

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