Like most cats, Allegra and Ruby love their sun puddles. My two little sun worshippers know exactly where in our house the first sun puddle of the day appears, and they tend to follow the sun throughout the day.

Conveniently for them, my bedroom gets a lot of sun from mid-day on until sunset, but they also like a little variety with their sunbathing.


My office only gets sun for about an hour in the morning. The girls both love their Jackson Galaxy Donut beds at any time of the day, but when the sun hits that bed, Allegra is truly in kitty heaven.


The area in front of the sliding glass doors becomes a favored spot from late morning through mid-day.


Early afternoon finds the girls in the bedroom most days.


By late afternoon, the living room is filled with sunlight, and the girls usually interrupt their afternoon naps to migrate from bedroom to living room.

Do your kitties love sun puddles?

15 Comments on Sun Puddle Bliss

  1. You go girls, Allegra and Ruby! But don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and your sunglasses, you two luscious sun bathers. Maybe you two should wear little sun bonnets, too, just kidding. Licks, tummy rubs and meows to two of my most favorite Purr Babies.

  2. Oddly, my current two kitties don’t seem to care one way or the other about the sun. I’ve never had cats who didn’t want to find a sun puddle before and I really wonder why these don’t. They are long-haired, so maybe they just don’t want the warmth? They do really enjoy looking out the windows, tho, whether there is sun or not.

  3. Funny, but only our outside cats seek snoozing spots in the sun! That being said, when Manny and Chili Bruce manage to sleep in a sunpuddle, I get all grabby hands ’cause that sun-warmed black fur feel SO GOOD….

  4. Our Gunda girl gets the sun puddle in our room each morning. After she has breakfast, she stretches on the area rug hoping we’ll fall for her “I dare you to scratch my belly” game, then she moves over to where the sun creeps down the wall and hits the floor. (She always wins the “belly” game!)

  5. My home also faces east in the morning and west in the afternoon. Gus and Claire love the guest bedroom in the morning because the 6′ wide window floods the room with light and warmth and they not only have a console table at the window but the entire bed as well. Afternoons offer two 8′ wide windows, master bedroom and living room and there’s a wonderful screened in patio which welcomes mostly south and some west sunlight. I’m very blessed and so are they.

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