Happy Easter from Allegra, Ruby and Ingrid

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  1. Allegra and Ruby both of you girls look quite smart with your bunny ears perched on your heads. This photo alone should prompt your mom, or should I say Mr. Hoppity Hop the Easter Bunny, to fill both of your Easter baskets to the brim. Don’t forget girls don’t try to stuff your cute little faces all at one time then by tomorrow you’ll both be in bed sick at your tummies. Happy Blessed Easter Ingrid and to my favorite girlfriends, Ruby and Allegra.

  2. Happy Easter to Ruby, Allegra and Ingrid with love, Nancy and rescue cats William, Maggie, Gema, Lotus, Almond Joy, Darla and Bobby… Have a beautiful day and thank you so much for all your great emails!

  3. Dear Ingrid,

    Happy Easter to you, Ruby and Allegra!
    Thank you very much for “The Conscious Cat.”

    Health and happiness,

    Jane and Jake

  4. Happy Easter Ingrid, Allegra and Ruby…hope you all have a blessed day xoxox

    Amanda, Pumpkin, Sugar, Chubby, Mikey and Jackie xoxox

  5. Happy Easter, Allegra, Ruby and Ingrid! Chocolate for Mom and tuna for the babies! Luv from Ruford, Bella, and Lucky… and Julie

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