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We all know cats are creatures of habit. They tend to follow the same routine day after day, and they don’t much appreciate a disruption of that routine. If you’ve followed me for a while, you also know how much Allegra and Ruby love their Jackson Galaxy Donut Beds – in fact, they love them so much that I had to get a second one to keep the peace!

After I got the second bed, the girls pretty much each claimed their own bed. Allegra preferred the one up against the wall next to the bookshelf, Ruby liked the one in the corner between bookshelf and closet. If Allegra dared check out Ruby’s bed, Ruby quickly chased her off.


Most days, they settle into their beds for a long morning nap after they’ve had their breakfast.

This is the scene that often greets me when I return from my late morning walk:


Seconds later, they curl back up and return to their naps.

After I returned from a brief trip last month, something had changed. All of a sudden, Allegra slept in Ruby’s bed. Oddly enough, Ruby didn’t seem to be bothered by it, but she also didn’t sleep in the now vacant bed that used to be Allegra’s. It took some coaxing on my part to convince her that she could take over the other bed. Eventually, she decided that it was fine. After a few days, the switched beds became the new normal.


I really wanted to know why the girls switched beds, but they’re not talking. I even switched the actual beds, to see whether the new arrangement was location-based or had something to do with the beds themselves. It appears to be about location, because they did not return to their original beds even after I switched them.

I finally gave up trying to understand why they did it.

Allegra (whispering): Ruby, it worked! We totally drove mom crazy with our bed switch!

Ruby (whispering): I know! Isn’t it fun? She thinks she knows everything about cats, and yet, she can’t figure out that we were just  having fun with her. Heeheehee!

Allegra (whispering): Sometimes it’s good to put humans in their place.

Ruby (whispering): Do you think mom is mad at us?

Allegra (whispering): Of course not, Ruby. Mom would never get mad at us.

Ingrid: Girls? What are you whispering about?

Ruby: We were just talking about how much we love you, Mom!

Allegra: That’s right. We love you, Mom! (Whispers: good quick thinking, little one!)

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8 Comments on Allegra, Ruby and the Jackson Galaxy Donut Bed Switch

  1. Cats are creatures of habit, aren’t they? I remember a few years ago when I bought a small cat tree to put beside my desk and had to go back the next day and buy another one because both girls wanted to sleep in it.

  2. Now, Ingrid, you should’ve known as the brilliant cat mom you are that each girl should’ve had their very own donut bed. Although Allegra seems to be more accommodating than Ruby, however, with cozy soft donut beds, what feline beauty wouldn’t want their own. But I’m somewhat surprised that both girls would conjure up a scheme to fool their beloved mom; on another side it’s fun to see the girls working and planning together, even though it’s somewhat of a prank. Nevertheless, it’s always amusing to watch what Allegra and Ruby will do next. Love ya girls.

  3. My 16 year old male cat, Silver, uses this Donut Bed often for past two months after purchasing it from local pet store. We adopted Silver after his previous owner passed away three years ago.

  4. I bought one a few years ago and neither one of my 2 cats will even look at it. I try and put them in and they jump right out. I thought they would love it because it’s so soft.

  5. I don’t bother buying beds for my furry kids they use them maybe for a couple of days then they stop and are back on the bed, couch wherever they lay.

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