Like most cats, Allegra and Ruby love their sun puddles. My two little sun worshippers know exactly where in our house the first sun puddle of the day appears, and they tend to follow the sun throughout the day.

Favorite sun puddles change a bit with the seasons as the angle of the sun changes. One of Ruby’s favorites right now is the love seat in our living room. She loves to lounge there in the afternoons.  Perhaps, it also has something to do with the fact that that’s where I usually take my afternoon reading break.

I captured the video below the other day, when she seemed particularly happy with her love seat sun puddle. If you listen closely, you can hear a couple of happy “brrps” throughout the video.

Do your kitties have a favorite sun puddle?

11 Comments on Ruby and the Sun Puddle

  1. When I spot my two favorite girls, I can’t stop myself for dropping by. Ruby and Allegra enjoy your sun puddles because before you know it girls that white stuff will be flying in the air. Then both of you might have to book a flight to a warmer climate or lay back and think of fun fun in the sun. Love ya.

  2. Ruby and Allegra probably even know of a few super secret handshake and password required sun puddles that you haven’t found yet. My three furkids all know the shared sun puddles and have a spot or two each that is just theirs. When I first brought my poor little Widget home ten years ago I made a few carpeted window seats for her to bask in the sun while watching the world outside. Poor baby passed well before her time, I am still grieving terribly five years later, but her window seats are still there so those who arrived after her could enjoy them too.

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