Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! I want to tell you about something really cool that happened the other day: I helped Mom install a new cable box! In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a really hard cat bed. I usually prefer sleeping in soft cat beds, and we certainly have plenty of them around the house. But this cat bed is so nice and warm, I like to sleep on it even though it’s kind of extra firm.

Mom says it’s not a cat bed, but she never chases me off, so I guess it is a cat bed after all? Sometimes, humans can be so confusing.

Anyway, lately, when Mom has been watching TV, she occasionally uses some really bad words. Then she gets up, messes with the cables attached to the hard cat bed, and then sits down again to watch TV. After a little while, she starts using bad words again.

And then, one day last week, she took the hard cat bed away. Wait, what? Thankfully, a short while later, she came back with a big box. I got so excited when she opened it: it had a new hard cat bed in it! The box also had a bunch of cables and papers in it. I heard Mom sigh.


Mom put the new cat bed back where the old one used to be. I immediately climbed on top of it to inspect it. Hmmm. It was cold. This was not acceptable! Mom could tell I wasn’t happy, and told me to be patient. She’d have to “connect” the new bed to the TV first, and once it was plugged in, it would be warm again. I don’t know what this “connect”  means, I just wanted my bed to be warm again!

Mom sure was lucky I was there to supervise, because the stuff on the papers looked really complicated to me. But with my help, she had the new cat bed hooked up in no time, and I was happily snoozing away again.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering: occasionally, I let Allegra sleep on the hard cat bed, too. But only if I feel like it!

Kitties, do your humans have hard cat beds? Do you like to sleep on them?

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  1. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, you, darling….. “Sorry, Ruby, I can’t think of the appropriate name right now.” However, as I was saying, Ruby, you’re a genius, you’re immensely cute and funny and I love you.
    I’m so glad you found another warm bed, and this one has a hard mattress, and I’m proud of you for helping your mom, and allowing Allegra to have her turn on the hard bed. And Ingrid, please have a talk with Ruby and I’m so happy you’ve cable TV, you deserve it with two cats like Ruby and Allegra, just kidding. I love all three of you!


  3. Oh yes! My girls love the hard, warm cat beds.

    The biggest adjustment for the whole household is when all the monitors and tvs went from the old deep hard cat bed kind to the skinny flat kind. There were lots of bad words from the two-leggeds…and grumbles from the four-legged.

    • At one point over the years, our cable box changed from being nice and big to being much smaller than the current one. There was much complaining, until I put an actual cat bed in the spot where the old cable box used to be. It wasn’t quite the same, but the girls seemed happy with that solution, even though visitors were a little puzzled by the cat bed in our entertainment cabinet…

  4. Ruby, you are such a lovely girl for helping Mommy install that box. It’s so confusing, but I know with you there to provide assistance and comfort, Mommy got it done. Now, you have a new bed that’s heated. It should come in especially handy when cold weather sets in.

    Our Sophie loves to cuddle close when we use a heating pad for an “owie”. She likes for us to think it’s because we’re so loved, but I can’t help but wonder it’s because we likes to share the warmth. Hmmmmm…..

  5. Sorry,Ruby. I forgot to answer your questions
    My husband and I (two humans) have a sleep number bed and his side is hard and my side is soft. So, yes, Ruby, some humans sleep on hard beds.
    SapphoLily has several soft beds, but she also loves to curl up and nap on the travertine stone countertop of the outdoor kitchen on the patio.

  6. My favorite hard bed is what meowmy calls a computer. The best part about it is when she gets tired, I will reach out and bite her knees. I am good at keeping her awake. ……Miss Lulu

  7. It took our human over a year of “bad words” to get us a new bed. But when it came it was tiny tiny!!! Oh well, at least the loud bad words are gone. (Sigh)

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