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If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve heard me talk about 1TDC™ and about how much I like this supplement. I don’t use the term “miracle” lightly, but I am using it for this product. And now, I got to see the benefits first hand: at Allegra’s check up last month, our vet found that her gums looked better than last year and that there is less evidence of gingivitis.

Allegra last had a professional cleaning four years ago. At that time, she had resorptive lesions on three teeth; they were extracted. I fully expected that she would need annual dentals, but thankfully, for the last four years, my vet felt that her gums, while showing some signs of gingivitis, did not require a trip to the veterinary dentist.

Like most cat parents, I’m nervous at the thought of one of my cats having to go under anesthesia. We have also had issues with non-recognition aggression in the past, and every year, I dread the thought of having to take Allegra out of the house. (Ruby had all her teeth extracted at her last dental procedure two years ago, so I don’t have to worry about her dental health any longer.)


What is 1TDC™?

1TDC™ (which stands for 1-TetraDecanol Complex) is a revolutionary natural solution that keeps joints, muscles and gums healthy at a cellular level. This product goes beyond supplements containing glucosamine and fish oil. It works systemically as a catalyst to allow the body to improve joint and oral health.

1TDC™ is a proprietary blend of fatty acids that are derived from beef tallow. They are then formulated into a unique fatty acid complex in a CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations enforced by the FDA) food-grade facility in the USA. These fatty acids are different from the essential acids you find in products like fish oil.

1TDC™’s unique technology is highly and rapidly absorbed, whether applied topically on the gums or taken orally in capsule form. When it enters the body, 1TDC™ has a tremendous affinity for white blood cells, which allows it to get where it is needed quickly. 1TDC™ efficiently does the job without interfering with other elements of your cat’s health.

Study shows 1TDC™ reduces periodontal disease within six weeks

A study performed at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, showed that daily use of 1TDC™over a period of six weeks resulted in significant improvements in cats with periodontal disease. There were 13 cats in the study. 9 cats received a daily administration of 1TDC™, the other 4 cats received olive oil for six weeks. The cats who received 1TDC™ showed significant reductions in all parameters of clinical periodontal disease except tooth mobility at 6 weeks. The cats showed a statistically significant reduction in pocket depth, clinical attachment loss, gingival index and bleeding on probing, whereas the placebo group did not show any significant change.

To full study was published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

Allegra’s dental care routine

I started using 1TDC™ for Allegra after I first heard about it at the American Association of Feline Practitioners Conference in Charlotte in September of 2018. 1TDC™ has been designed as a unique (and kind of cute!) heart-shaped twist off capsule. You simply hold the little heart tight and twist the big heart. Then you can squeeze the gel-like product on your finger, and rub it on your cat’s gums. You can also let your cat lick it off your finger, or squeeze the contents of the capsule directly into her mouth.


The smell of the gel is pretty strong and not all that pleasant to me, but Allegra LOVES the taste. She has no problem with me rubbing it on her gums. If there’s any residue left on my finger, she eagerly licks it off. It’s become part of our morning routine: when I put the kettle on to fix myself a cup of tea to take to my office after I’ve had my breakfast, she knows it’s time. She gets her 1TDC™ while my tea is brewing.


I also use MAXIGuard Oral Cleansing Gel, designed to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar. The gel contains zinc ascorbate/taurine in an easy to administer, taste-free gel that adheres to the gums. Zinc ascorbate also stimulates collagen production. Collagen aids in repairing tissue. I apply the MAXIGuard directly to her gums with my finger in the evenings. MAXI/GUARD Oral Cleansing Gel is available from Amazon

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5 Comments on 1TDC™ Reduced Allegra’s Gingivitis

  1. This 1TDC must be great! Allegra, I’m so happy your gingivitis is much better, now you can give your sister, Ruby, a little nip when she deserves it. I’m just kidding Ingrid,
    Allegra and Ruby!

  2. I wish my cats would eat this or let me smear it on their gums. I bought a bottle and they hate it! I’ve tried mixing it in their food and they eat around it unfortunately. Yet they love coconut oil. They don’t like beef though so maybe that’s why.

  3. this sounds great. But I have 6 cats. Certainly, don’t have the time to rub the gums of 6 cats in the morning when I have to get to work. I guess I could do it in the evening, but still. Any chance there is a version of this product that can go in their food? Would it still work?

    • In order to get the dental benefits from this product, it needs to come in direct contact with the gums, so it needs to be applied directly to the gums or licked off your finger or a dish without being mixed in with food. It doesn’t matter what time of day you give it.

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