Like most cats, Allegra and Ruby love their sun puddles. My two little sun worshippers know exactly where in our house the first sun puddle of the day appears, and they tend to follow the sun throughout the day.

This time of year, the best sun puddles appear in the late afternoon in our living room.


The girls often start out sitting on the coffee table.


Eventually, Ruby will move to the scratch lounger underneath the coffee table. She waits until the sun hits is just so.


Allegra likes to show off her beautiful colors (and her likeness on the cover of Mom’s book.*) I’ve always felt that there’s something about the light in early fall that really brings out torties’ gorgeous colors.


I know they’ve hit the purrfect lounging positions when they’re both zonked out in total sun puddle bliss.

Allegra and Ruby declined to contribute to this post. They were too busy enjoying their sun puddles.

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9 Comments on Allegra, Ruby and the Quest for the Purrfect Sun Puddle

  1. Ingrid,
    A friend referred me to your website as being very gifted in all things “Cat”. Do you have a special chapter on helping new cats get along? We have a 1 year old male who owns our house…and we just adopted a 12 week old female kitten. She loves to play and jump and pounce and he is afraid of her! We have had her for 2 weeks, and we have the pet gate so that they can see/smell each other and we bring them together at feeding time. Yes, we are also using some pheromone spray and lots of toys and playtime. He is a big cat (14 lbs) and she is tiny (almost 3 lbs). Any tips on helping him accept her, and grow to love her. She is already his biggest fan. Thank you, Debbie Jennings

  2. I always love seeing my two most favorite beautiful outstanding girls, Allegra and Ruby.
    Sorry girls, your mom told me to only compliment you so much then stop! But girls must you sit on top of the coffee table, even if it’s the best ‘sun puddle’ spot at that time! I guess so, then so be it. And you, Allegra admiring your face on the cover of your mother’s book! Ruby wouldn’t you say that’s somewhat conceited? I better stop while I’m still in good standing; I’m off, but enjoy those Puddles! Love all three of you.

  3. These girls are just so beautiful. Our Tortie, Sophie, has a favorite spot on her kitty condo in front of a big open window facing the lake and a big bird of paradise tree. So much to see as she basks in the sun!

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