Hi everyone, it’s Ruby! I want to thank all of you for all the lovely wishes, healing thoughts and prayers that you have been sending me since Mom told you that I have advanced kidney disease. It makes me feel so good to know that so many people care about me, and I know it also means a lot to Mom.

I’m still here, I’m still me, but I am pretty tired most of the time.

I’m still really enjoying my meals. Mom feeds me lots of times throughout the day because I don’t always want a full meal. She can’t leave the food out for me, because Allegra would totally take advantage of that!

Allegra: You bet I would – and so would you, if things were reversed!

Ruby: Yeah, I probably would. But Mom makes sure you always get a little snack when she offers me food, doesn’t she? Anyway, I get to eat whatever I want. For a while, I still liked my raw food, but for the past couple of weeks, I didn’t want it anymore. Mom says it’s because it doesn’t have enough of a smell to it maybe? I don’t know. All I know is that I LOVE the canned kitten food she’s feeding me now! And guess what! I get to have tuna whenever I want it!!! Weeee!!!

The problem is that even though I’m eating really well, I keep losing weight. I was a tiny cat to begin with, so I don’t really have a lot of weight to spare. Mom says, and our vet agrees, that I’m most likely losing weight so fast because I have renal lymphoma, whatever that is. The only way we would know for sure was with a biopsy, and Mom decided when I first got sick that she wouldn’t put me through aggressive diagnostics and treatments. I’m so grateful to her for that. She knows me so well, and she knows I’d be miserable if I had to go to the vet all the time and be poked and prodded. I do understand that this probably also means that Mom and I won’t have that much time left together, and that makes me sad.

But, I don’t like to dwell on all that. For now, I’m still here. I may be more tired, I may sleep more, and I may not have the energy to play, but I still love being with my mom and my sister. None of us know how much time we have left with those we love, so why waste time worrying when we can just love each other right here right now!

Allegra: You can be pretty wise, little one.

Ruby: You have no idea, Allegra!

Hanging out on a sunny afternoon

I love that Mom is able to arrange her life so that she can spend almost all her time with me. She goes for a walk every day, and every once in a while she meets a friend somewhere for a couple of hours, but for the most part, she’s home with me. We spend a lot of time snuggling – it’s the best!

Allegra: Tell them about how you’re being watered every other day!

Ruby: Oh, that. Yeah, I’m thirsty a lot, and I drink a lot of water. Mom has put out extra water bowls and a fountain (affiliate link*) to make it easy for me to drink when I feel like it. But apparently that’s not quite enough to keep me “hydrated” (whatever that means!) so every other day, my Auntie Renée comes and helps Mom stick a needle in me and water runs into me from a big bag. I don’t much like that, but it does make me feel better. And I get lots of hugs and kisses during and after, so I guess it’s not all bad.

I also get daily treatments with either the Assisi Therapy Pad or Assisi Loop. And I get daily Reiki treatments from Mom.

I’m getting my Assisi Loop treatment while I’m on Mom’s lap!

And once a week, my Aunt Andrea (our wonderful vet) comes to check on me. She listens to my heart and gently examines me, and she gets a report from Mom on what I’ve been up to during the week.

Do I have the most amazing healthcare team or what? Go, Team Ruby!

Allegra: Rolls eyes. Next thing you know, you’ll be selling Team Ruby T-shirts…

Ruby: Blows raspberry at Allegra.

There are times when I don’t feel so good, and I just want to be by myself. One of the places I go when I just want to be alone is under the loveseat. I know Mom doesn’t like it when I go under there, she worries that it means that we’re getting close to the end, but I tell her that’s not it at all, at least not yet. I just love being all cocooned and it’s really nice and warm down there.

Mom has tried her darndest to offer me alternate spaces that are warm and cozy, too. She bought a heated cat bed (affiliate link*) which I didn’t care for.

Allegra: You may not care for it, but I love it!


Ruby: Well, I suppose since I’m getting so much attention right now, it’s okay that you get something out of it!

Anyway, then Mom bought a hooded heated bed (affiliate link*,) thinking that would recreate what it feels like to me to be under the loveseat. I gave it a brief test sit but – nope! But you know what an awesome Mom she is? When she finally accepted that I was just going to hang out under that loveseat when I felt like it, she put a soft blanket under it for me! We have carpet in the living room, but she wanted it to be even softer for me. I love my Mom so much!


Allegra: She’s the best! Ruby, you just focus on loving Mom and resting. I’ll take care of Mom.

Whispers: Sometimes, Mom goes in the bedroom and cries. I know she doesn’t want Ruby to see her like that. When that happens, I go and comfort her by sitting close to her and purring as hard as I can. She always stops crying when I do that and tells me I’m such a good big sister. I tell her that I get sad, too, but that I also know that the three of us will always be connected in our hearts.

Ruby: Even though Mom and I (and Allegra, too) know we’re running out of time, this is a very special time for us. There’s so much love between the three of us. If love could make me get better, I would be here forever.

And now you’ll have to excuse me, it’s time for another meal! Bring on the tuna!

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56 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: An Update on How I’m Doing

  1. Ingrid,
    I got a lump in my throat reading this. How blessed Ruby is to be getting the best care and the most love any kitty could possibly receive. Sending much love and healing prayers your way. Your Ruby is an amazing girl!

  2. Ruby, I am so sorry to hear you have advanced kidney disease. I know your mum is doing everything for you. Here is sending you warm wishes and prayers.

  3. My Dearest Ruby, ‘The Prescious Gem’,
    Your letter to all your fans was so caring and loving, just as you are, but I must say it overwhelmed me with tears of love, in fact so much so, I cried every time I read it, and I’ll always remember and love you more than I did last week, even though you’re going to beat this illness with every ounce of strength you have in your beautiful body. Ruby, you seem to be more concerned about your loving mom and your sister more than yourself. Your compassion for others shines through you and your words like a bright light. What side of the mountain you end up on, just remember it’s never the end; there’re are still roads to run down and sun puddles to bathe in. Ruby, you are truly a bright, shiny gem and you’ll always be to everyone, and especially to those of us who know you.

  4. So good to hear from you Ruby and thank you for the update. You look great all the love and great care you get from your Mommy Ingrid. sister Allegra and all your aunties and furriends. Me and my Furkids are always thinking of you and sending prayers for you and your family. My Pumpkin has Kidney Disease along with other things and she does get tired more often. Ruby…you are an amazing little girl and we love you xoxox

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