It’s a tall order to not let the negativity of the world get to us these days. In fact, I think it’s almost impossible, and I hesitated about posting this quote today. But at the same time, it seems that if we can take even small breaks from all the overwhelmingly awful news, this advice still applies.

We can’t control what’s happening, but we can control how we react. It’s important to stay informed, but  that doesn’t mean taking in the outside world 24/7. Disconnect from the grim reality by turning off the computer or the television and put your phone away for a while.

Get outside. Take a walk (while keeping the appropriate distance from others, of course.) Being outside and in nature is crucial to your mental health during these difficult times.

I’m grateful for Allegra’s sweet and loving presence. When my anxiety spirals out of control, watching her sleep peacefully in her favorite sun puddle goes a long way toward calming me and bringing me back to the present moment.

Be safe and stay healthy!

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12 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Don’t Let Negativity Get You Down

  1. Allegra, you and your mom, Ingrid, are uplifting our spirits to a positive state in this time of wonderment of what tomorrow will bring. Thank you both.

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