Happy Easter from Allegra and Ingrid

This will be a very different Easter for most of us. Even if you’re sheltering in place with family, you won’t be able to get together with a wider circle of family members like you might normally do. If you’re used to celebrating this holiday in your church, watching a video service will not be the same as shaking hands or exchanging hugs with members of your community. For those of us who live alone, not being able to see friends and enjoy a leisurely Easter brunch together makes this a lonely holiday.

All of this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate in the best possible way. Regardless of your religious beliefs, Easter is generally seen as a time of rebirth and renewal – and what better time than now to hold on to hope and really believe that out of this trauma that we’re all living through, something new and better will eventually emerge.

For us, it’s also the first Easter without Ruby, and that adds an additional layer of sadness to the day.

I normally get together with friends for Easter, either at a friend’s home, or one of our favorite restaurants. I know I’ll have moments when I will feel lonely, and I will allow myself a good cry. I’ll talk to friends on the phone and do a Zoom call or two. But mostly, I will focus on being grateful that I’m safe in my comfortable home, I’m healthy, and in this present moment, I have everything I need – including Allegra’s loving purrs.

I hope you have a peaceful day filled with hope and gratitude, and that somehow, you can even find some joy today.

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19 Comments on Happy Easter 2020

  1. Ingrid you have a BEAUTIFUL attitude! This Easter is so hard for you on so many levels but you are a trooper that’s for sure! Sending you TONS of virtual hugs and lots of love, today and always. Thinking of you!!!!! Always here for you if you need me!

  2. Happy and Blessed Easter Ingrid and Allegra…Ruby is watching over you both from the Railing at the Bridge…have a beautiful day xoxox

  3. Wishing you a peaceful day with sweet Allegra. Thank you for your wisdom, love & support through these difficult times. May you feel the warmth of Ruby’s love surround you & comfort your heart. Purrs &

  4. Dear Ingrid,

    A very Happy Easter to you and Allegra! Thank you very much for all you do for us. May more peaceful times be ahead.

    Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

    With love from Jane and Jake

  5. Dearest Ingrid and furmally, It’s been a time since I’ve “connected” with you but please know I read your posts all the time. May your precious Ruby be at peace and know she is “always” with you you. <3 Blessings to you my friend and thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Linda Please take good care.

  6. Happy Easter, Ingrid and Allegra!..Hope you both stay healthy and enjoy just being together..Ruby is always close by, checking things out..

  7. Ingrid and Allegra,

    Allegra, you look stunning in your Easter gear. Ingrid, your Ruby is with you this Easter too. Just in a different way.

    Both of you have a joyous Easter.

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish, Nancy

  8. Allegra you could probably pose for a bunny rabbit photo! You look so cute, sweetie. This is a very
    distressing time for all people of various faiths and not being able to spend time with their loved ones makes it even worse. All we can do is pray that the virus leaves soon and never returns.
    My very heartfelt wishes for a Happy Easter to the both of you, Allegra and Ingrid, and don’t eat too many goodies, especially you my Bunny Girlfriend.

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