Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I hope you all are doing as well as anyone can during these strange times. It’s a big job for us cats to take care of our humans right now, isn’t it? They’re all so terribly stressed, and I can’t help but worry about Mom.

I want to tell you about the last couple of weeks here, because it’s been really loud at our house at times! It’s been pretty hot here, and that often means that we get thunderstorms. On top of that, there have been popping noises almost every night last week. Mom says it’s irresponsible humans shooting off fireworks, and that sadly, it happens every year this time of year.

I used to be really scared of loud noises. Any noise – trash trucks going by the house, thunder, fireworks, lawn mowers – used to send me running to my safe hiding space in the bathroom on the lower level of our house, behind the shower curtain.

Over time, I realized that things like trash trucks and lawn mowers were nothing to be afraid of. Now I barely notice them. But up until recently, thunderstorms still really bothered me, but I finally realized that they can’t hurt me, and now I don’t even bother going downstairs.

In fact, the other night, a storm was rolling in, and I sat by the window and watched the wind and lightning, and even the claps of thunder didn’t bother me. Mom snapped the photo at the top. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing!

Mom was actually wondering whether I was channeling Ruby’s spirit. My little sister used to always sit by the window and watch the wind and rain, no matter how many times I told her it was dangerous. “Dangerous?” she’d say and blow a raspberry at me. “Look Allegra,” she’d say, “just come look! There are branches blowing by the window! So cool! Weeeee!!!” I miss my little sister. As to whether I was channeling her, that’s between me and Ruby…

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11 Comments on Allegra’s World: Thunderstorms and Fireworks

  1. Allegra, you’ve become such a knowledgeable and adorable cat. I can tell you still miss Ruby, and it makes me sad, but Ruby will always be with you, Allegra and your mom, too. Ruby just went to another place to live. Allegra, I have to confide in you, the worst thing we hate at our house is those
    fireworks. This year has been the worst, fireworks have never stopped since Memorial Day. They’re dangerous and what a waste of money, and some people just don’t care if the noise scares the heck out of you. What about the poor animals outside, who have to experience the noise. Allegra, you’re right our world has changed so much, but we’ll make it thru the stormy times. Love ya, sweetie pie!

  2. You’re such a brave girl! The only time Mudpie has been bothered by a thunderstorm was when we had a LOUD boom while she was tucked away in her KatKabin. She shot out of there like a bomb had gone off!

  3. Thank you for posting from Allegra’s point of view. Great picture. I am sure she is channeling dear Ruby

  4. Good morning Allegra! I hate those things . I don’t like loud noises either neither does my fur babies. I usually make it a point too stay home on the 4th of July and Halloween for my kids are terrified of that stuff

  5. We have had a lot of noises here too. Fireworks are very scary. My meowmy says they can start fires and though I don’t know what a fire is, meowmy says they are bad. I also fear storms especially when meowmy puts the kitty carriers in the bathroom. I know there is a chance we will all be forced into the small confined spaces and never know for how long. Meowmy says we have something bad called tornadoes and she wants us to be in there where it’s safe. A couple years ago we had what meowmy called a rain bomb that caused lots of damage and power outages all across the city and suburbs. My sissies and I were loaded up in carries and put in the car and hauled off to a strange place called a hotel for a couple hours. I was so scared I wanted to hide and found a small space to hide under the sink and meowmy had a hard time getting me back out. That’s when she decided cats didn’t do well in hotels and took us all back home to spend the night in the dark hot house. It was scary with no lights or a/c. But I felt safer than in that scary place that had too many weird smells in it. …….Miss Lulu

    • Oh my goodness, Miss Lulu, what an ordeal to have to go through! I hope you and your mom will have an uneventful summer this year when it comes to bad weather!

      • So far the weather this summer has been ok. We have only gone into the carriers once this year and it was in the spring. Nothing happened so she let us out fairly quick. My meowmy calls the bathroom a tornado shelter during the bad weather season. I don’t know exactly what a tornado is, but the way she says it and how nervous she gets, it has to be bad.
        ….Miss Lulu

  6. I love this picture of Allegra..She is sitting at attention, and looks full of wonder..Ingrid, you are such an entertaining writer, and it’s fun when Allegra addresses us with her insights..Cats have such a mysterious air..I’m sure she channels Ruby..

  7. Allegra,

    Have/had some fur kids like you. Others didn’t mind the loud noises. But…even humans don’t like some of those loud noises.

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish, Nan

  8. Gosh she really is beautiful, and gives me hope for puff mayhem and Sammi-this was their first fourth of July on the planet and they were NOT impressed!

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