Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I’m eleven years old today!

Mom says she can’t believe how fast time goes by. When she looks at me she still sees the seven-month-old kitten she brought home more than ten years ago. The photo below shows me a few days after I came home.


This birthday is bittersweet for Mom and me. It’s my first birthday without my little sister. I know Mom is going to make this day special for me, and we’ll have a piece of tuna cake and remember Ruby together. Well, I will have tuna cake, anyway. Maybe Mom will pass…. More tuna cake for me!

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48 Comments on Allegra’s World: It’s My 11th Birthday

  1. A very belated Birthday Allegra. I hope you had a wonderful day with mom. You both deserve all of the happiness you can get. Birthdays can be rough when we miss a piece of ourselves but I know that you and mom made the most of it!

  2. Happy birthday Allegra. You are a beauty . I love your birthday photo . I have a dark tortie like you called “Duchess Pumpkin “❤
    Happy 11th to one pretty diva cat xxxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday Allegra! You are as beautiful as ever..I hope you and your mom have a wonderful day, and enjoy your tuna cake!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Allegra. If mom doesn’t want any tuna cake, Winston and Dawn will share a slice. If you polished it off already, that’s OK, too.

  5. Thank you for all the birthday wishes! The birthday princess had a beautiful day. There was tuna cake, followed by naps in sun puddles, and lots of purrs and kisses.

  6. Happy Birthday Allegra! Hope you have a Purr-fect day with your Mommy….I know Ruby will be at the Railing up at the Bridge sending you lots of Birthday hugs and kisses. xoxox

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday To You, Allegra, the Queen Of Cats. Allegra you look beautiful and a crown is very befitting for your prescious head. Eleven years does pass fast, but you have 9 lives, so you, my dear will be with us for a very long time. I send you kisses, hugs, rubs, pats, sweet talk or anything and everything else. Happy Birthday Sweet Cheeks, I love ya.

  8. Happy Birthday! Allegra, you still look like a kitten! Enjoy your Tuna cake today! Have a extra piece on us!

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & Nancy

  9. Happy Birthday Allegra! You are beautiful!…just like my lovely Lucy! Enjoy your birthday and don’t eat too much cake!

  10. Happy birthday, Allegra. Time does fly! I hope that you and your mommy both enjoy your special day. I know it won’t be the same without Ruby.

  11. Happy Birthday, you pawsome tortie! Enjoy the tuna cake!
    I agree with some others who have posted before me that your sister Ruby is watching over you and your mom and that she would want both of you to enjoy today.

  12. Happy Birthday Allegra! You take good care of your momma. I’m sure she takes good care of you. I know you both still miss Ruby but she’s really okay. God LOVES kitties and He’s taking GOOD care of her. He will take good care of you too when you get your angel wings and we’ll ALL live happily together forever in heaven someday where every day is like a birthday party!

  13. Happy Birthday Allegra – hope you have a great day (and that your Mom does indeed pass on her piece of tuna cake!).

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