Today is Labor Day in the United States, and we’re doing anything but labor: we’re taking a 24-hour online break. Allegra has the right idea, and oh, how I wish we  could really be at the beach right now!

We’ll be back tomorrow with our regular fare of articles about feline health and nutrition, product reviews, giveaways, and everything else you’ve come to love about The Conscious Cat.

Enjoy your Labor Day!

8 Comments on Happy Labor Day 2020

  1. Happy Labor Day to you both and what I would give for a day at the beach too! Sending lots of love from my clowder of cats and me!

  2. Allegra and Ingrid, I wish that I was there with you 2 gals. Just sunning and sipping whatever it’s
    you’re sipping. I just love your pink Allegra, you look so girly. Don’t forget the sunscreen and don’t pick up any strange cat men or men….men for your mom, Allegra. Say hello, to Mr. Sun for me. Love you both.

  3. Ingrid. Happy Labor day to you and Allegra. relax both of yo!! and thanks for all you do!!!
    love, Lucy and her Family of kitty’s …

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