As I’m mourning my beautiful little girl, the memories keep flooding in. I still miss her terribly every day, and memories are sometimes comforting, sometimes painful, but that’s as it should be when you’re grieving a loss.

Today’s memory goes way back to August of 2011, when Ruby had been with us about four months. As you may recall, Ruby had a propensity to get herself in trouble when she was little, and this time was no exception. You kind of know that a story that starts with “there’s a small ceramic bowl sitting there, and I thought it might make a nice toy” does not end well.

Click here to read Ruby and the Ceramic Bowl.

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9 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Had a Nighttime Encounter With a Ceramic Bowl

  1. I would find it hard to live without that little face too. I just remind myself that our cats are now back in the hands of God who made them…and keep a lot of photos around.

  2. I understand fully what you are going through because my four-legged child has gone to Rainbow Bridge January 2020 and I am still greaving I remember her each time I look at her album and see her I begin to cry because I remember the good old times. My sincere and deepest condolences

  3. That’s hilarious. Ruby sure was a stinker at times. As I was reading the original post, I could picture it easily as my kitchen and dining room are set up with the ledge/counter top separating rooms. Before I lived in this house, before I met my husband, I had gotten into painting ceramics with my mother and a the lady who ran the classes liked a couple of the things I made that she actually entered them in a contest. I one first and second place in the beginners category with them. I set the birdhouse (second place) on the ledge between the dining room and kitchen and Nani knocked it over and broke it. The first place piece was a vase and my husband broke that one. Needless to say, nothing goes on the ledge anymore.

      • I’m going to look into the museum putty for some of my breakables. I have decided to leave the counter empty because it’s become a runway for the girls when they want to hop up and down on top of the high cabinets. Little Lu is quit the jumper.

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