I found this week utterly draining, and I found that much of my exhaustion came from letting too much noise in. Social media noise, headline noise, email noise, text noise, you name it, there’s just too much of it.

I’m super sensitive to physical noise, but that’s fairly easily fixed with a good pair of active noise-canceling headphones (affiliate link*.) But the other kind of noise is harder to tune out unless you’re disciplined about it. I’ve been pretty good about limiting my time on social media and I’ve reduced my news intake to virtually nothing (ten minutes of headlines most days, if that,) but this week, it all reached a breaking point for me and I just need to shut it all off completely for a little while.

Will you join me in taking a break from all the noise for the rest of the day? Let’s spend the day in nature, or with our cats, or doing something that makes us so happy we forget about everything else.

I wish you a quiet, calm Sunday!

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9 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Noise

  1. The noise of the world can drive you to insanity. The media repeats the same negative stories about every 15 minutes and when you leave your house instead of meeting positive smiling faces,
    you meet negative frowning ones. You drive in your auto, horns are honking or drivers are cursing.
    You go shopping, you see 2 eyes on a face with a mask, although there’s no noise. In today’s world you just can’t win. I guess we all have to grin and bear it until better days decide to come back again then we can all take out our ear plugs, take off our face masks, remove our gloves and sing
    ‘Oh Happy Days’.

  2. when I come home from work and during my days off I like to put on Youtube on my television and watch a variety of nature shows, where a person puts down a camera, puts down food and films the various animals that come to eat it, I find it relaxing and entertaining and my cats love it as well, I also put on shows with landscapes and various classical music, again it’s very relaxing and so much better than anything else on television. especially when there’s a cat or two on my lap.

  3. Great reminder! So easy to get drawn back in. So fortunate to have our sweet kitty to remind us what really matters. ❣

  4. It may seem counter-intuitive but I’ve been listening to audio-books as I create graphic projects on my desktop. Keeps my right brain busy and lets my left loose to explore!

  5. I think somehow we are in sync with each other… I felt drained from all ‘ the noise’ myself this morning…nothing good on the TV and hubby was content to spend it on his iPad watching Judge Judy… I decided to sit out side with Koko in her cat run and knit for a few hours…came in to have lunch and check my iPad notifications… saw this … Summed up PERFECTLY how I felt

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