It’s hard these days to not sink into despair at the state of the world, but focusing on gloom and doom scenarios has never helped anyone and only makes things worse. We may not be able to control much, but we can control our thoughts, so why not choose light-filled, positive thoughts?

I’m not suggesting that you turn a blind eye to reality, but holding the vision of a brighter and better future for the world seems to me to be a much better use of the power of our thoughts than focusing on all the negativity in the world.

Once you improve your thoughts, your whole energy will start to shift, and you may just become the light the world so desperately needs.

Will you join me in holding a vision of a happier, kinder and more compassionate future?

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7 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Darkness and Light

  1. All of us have light, and there needs to be darkness, so as, to see the sparks of light all of us put off. Just like the stars and the moon, we need darkness to admire the twinkling stars and the glowing moon. Even the darkest person can put off light, if they begin to change. When all is at its darkest and everything seems lost; the light enters in bringing about change.

  2. This post reminds me of the movie we watched the other night, The Secret: Dare to Dream. It focused on positive thinking. I’m trying hard to to do it instead of always looking at the negative that I usually do.

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