It’s hard to maintain one’s center when the world around us is getting more insane every day. Today, I’d like to share something Mitra Rahbar, a spiritual teacher, healer and poet, posted on Facebook the other day.  I printed it out, because I find that I need to be reminded to disconnect from the madness when I find that my anxiety is edging off the charts.

Mitra has been sharing her wisdom from a very young age. You can find out more about this remarkable woman on her website.

“For those especially in the US, this week each day, connect to your breath, your inner guide, nature, and peace. Disengage from chaos. Choose peace. Cleanse your soul of all residue by choosing to nurture it. We will get through this if we remember, we can create our own peace amidst these tides. It takes practice, but can be done, by putting one step in front of the other… breathing.. releasing.. embracing nature, and doing things that bring us joy… choose peace”

Just reading these words brings me back to a state of calm and reminds me that I can choose how I feel. I hope they do the same for you.

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9 Comments on Sunday Quotes: Chaos and Stillness

  1. A now-famous YouTube artist; “NightBird” is a beautiful young lady going through some terrible trials with cancer but is trying her best to stay positive in her struggles. She said, “You can’t wait until LIFE is not hard before you decide to be HAPPY!”

  2. When the world becomes too noisy and you need to get away, just get in a comfortable position and lie back then put your mind in a positive beautiful soothing place. You’ll feel the peace and quiet and all your heartaches will fade away, at least for a time, then when you rise up take a deep breath and keep some of that beauty and quiet inside of you for another day.

  3. This quote works so well for me. I watch my cats and they seem to embrace this naturally in a calm stillness just watching the world go by but not engaging.

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