Allegra and I would like to wish you and your kitties a safe and happy Halloween!

This Halloween will be very different from anything we’ve ever experienced before, but I promised Allegra that she’d have some treats in her little bag at the end of the day.

And even though there may not be trick or treaters this year, which eliminates the chances of cats dashing out open doors, please be mindful of some of the other hazards of the holiday, such as decorations, electrical cords and candles.

Mews and Nips will return next Saturday.

10 Comments on Happy Halloween 2020

  1. Allegra and Ingrid,

    Happy Halloween to the both of you. Allegra, love your costume! And make sure Mom puts those goodies in your bag!

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish

  2. Happy Meowlloween! Today won’t be any different here than in previous years. Our neighborhood never did get many kids so we stopped buying candy years ago. Plus our town has urged parents not to take their kids out this year.

  3. Happy Halloween! My human a) doesn’t really like kids, and b) doesn’t believe in handing out cheap, unhealthy candy (if it must be unhealthy, it should at least be high quality), so she has never done the trick or treater thing. So this year is going to be like every other for us!

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