This time last year, Ruby’s health was already on a downward spiral, and I’m having a hard time with the memories flooding in. First anniversaries are always difficult, and there’s something about the changing light of fall and the approaching holidays that is intensifying my grief again. Thankfully, memories of some of the silly things my little girl did bring smiles through the tears.

Today’s memory goes back to October of 2011, when Ruby had been with us for six months. She loved being in my lap while I worked. When she got bored, she would climb up on the desk and explore. One time, that exploration didn’t go so well.

Read Ruby and the Router to find out what happened.


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9 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Unplugged the Router

  1. This is totally unrelated to the post but I found that when the grief of losing my baby Misty gets to bad I will cuddle with the blanket she passed away in. The day she passed away I had her wrapped up in a blanket and my husband and I both took turns snuggling with her before she went over the rainbow bridge. She took her final breath on June 6, 2018. I miss her so much. Many prayers to you as I know grief is the hardest thing we ever have to go through.

  2. The router story brings to mind Satterfield’s Law : It works better if you plug it in. Glad you figured it out right away without being coerced into a service call !

  3. We agree that those memories can be so hard on the first anniversary of our dear friends passing. Our Angel Buddy Budd used to like to leap to the shelf behind Dads desk. Being 18# he knocked it down and the wires to our router were disconnected. Yes the 250# antique desk did not move but Dad wiggled in back to get us back on line. We will have our anniversary next year. Sending you purrs and prayers of support

  4. Ingrid,


    Thank-you for bringing Ruby fans your memories of Ruby! It always puts a smile on my face to read them.

  5. Definitely tortie shenanigans. I wish I had anything to say to offer some comfort…I know the best memories are the most painful. Just know that my crew and I are thinking of you. We’re sure Ruby is causing trouble and having fun with our Big Man over the Rainbow Bridge while they watch over us.

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