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We’ve all been stressed and anxious for a very long time, and we just made it through what was arguably one of the most exhausting weeks in US history. We’ll need to remember to be kind to each other in the coming days and weeks and months, because despite our differences, even if they seem extreme, we are all human beings. It’s time to focus on peace and healing.

It’s probably no accident that halfway through the week, Dan Fogelberg’s song A Voice for Peace kept popping into my head. He wrote it at the start of the Gulf War in 1990, but to me, the lyrics are timeless.

Oh let mine (oh let my small voice) be a voice for peace
Let it start here with me, oh let mine be a voice
And in the face of the beast, oh let mine be a voice
Until the breaths in me cease, oh let mine be a voice for peace

There’s so much we can’t control right now, but we can always control where we put our thoughts and our energy. So why not put some of our energy toward creating a resonance of peace and  hope, whatever form that may take for you. For me, it means meditating and getting out in nature. Even just watching Allegra sleep in a sun puddle creates a sense of peace in me.

And once you’ve created a sense of peace for yourself, take a few minutes to amplify that feeling and send it out into the world, whether it’s through intention or prayer, whatever resonates with you.

Will you join me in being a voice for peace?

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10 Comments on Sunday Quotes: A Voice for Peace

  1. Another beautiful message Ingrid.
    Thank you so much for these Sunday posts. They have helped sustain me thru this difficult time.
    And, yes, meditation and being out in nature has helped me too.
    You are a gift, and of course, Allegra too.

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