Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about one of my favorite toys. Mom says it’s not really a cat toy, but I think it must be, because anything that is this much fun can’t just be for humans.

The toy lives in a drawer in our bedroom, and it often doesn’t come out for long periods of time, but lately, it’s been making an appearance more frequently. Mom says it’s because she’s been doing some “home improvement,” and that she needs it to measure stuff to make sure that what she buys will fit for what she buys it for.

Yeah, whatever. I just love when it comes out of the drawer, because then I get to play with it. I think Mom forgets from one time to the next just how much I love this toy! I start batting at it as she starts her measuring. Right away, she stops what she’s doing and plays with me, even though I can tell that she’d really rather get on with what she got it out for in the first place. I love my mom!

Mom says the reason I love this toy so much is because I don’t get to play with it all the time. She won’t leave it out for me because she says that if I get too carried away, it could wrap itself around my neck and that could be dangerous. Besides, she says I’ll appreciate it more if it’s not always available. I beg to differ. I think I would be purfectly happy if I could play with it every day!

Kitties, do you have a toy that’s not really supposed to be a cat toy that you love?

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11 Comments on Allegra and the Measuring Tape

  1. I love the soft plastic ring that come off when mom opens a new jug of milk. I like to toss it around. Mom throws it away when I’m done because she worries that I will eat it (not that I ever have). My brother and I like to eat things that aren’t food…but that’s for another article.
    ` Jordan

  2. My male orange tabby Tuffy who passed away in 2015 loved to knock pictures off the wall in my bedroom every night when I was trying to go to sleep. He took great pleasure in that and I’m pretty sure I heard him laughing when he did it but I finally had to spoil his fun and take them off the walls at night and put them back up in the morning.

  3. Hi Allegra, my name is Rocky. I love the measuring tape too! I also like it when my mama leaves pens out on her bedroom desk. I love to roll them around on the desk because they make noise and I love that! The best time to play with the pens is at night when it is very quiet and mama is sleeping in the bed next to the desk. Making noise helps mama wake up, but I don’t understand why she says “Rocky, stop that! and gets up to put the pen in a drawer where I can’t get at them. After she gets back in bed, I like to curl up next to her and and she pets me until she falls asleep. I love my mama.

  4. Wow, my human has a couple of those, and she’s even used one to measure me! But I never thought they were cat toys. You are very imaginative, Allegra.

  5. Once when I was opening a mouthwash bottle, I dropped the plastic that covered the top of the bottle. My male kitty, Cholla, went crazy for it and ran off with it…LOL! This “toy” needs supervision, of course. I was afraid a piece would break off and he would swallow it. But because he loved to play with it so much, I just watched very carefully as he batted it around the bathroom and kitchen. So cute! 🙂

  6. Allegra, that looks like fun! I love yarn! Skeins, balls, it doesn’t matter. I sometimes pull them out of bags and assemble 2 or three together. When I run with them a long string comes out between where I got them and where I put them:)

  7. That does look like a fun toy. I have seen one in my meowmy’s sewing box, but she won’t let me touch anything in that box. Next time I might just steal it.
    …….Miss Lulu

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