Merry Christmas from Allegra and Ingrid
May your day be filled with peace, love and purrs

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  1. Happy Holidays to you too! I adopted 2 cats from my vet’s office just before Christmas ( they were living in a cage for 4 yrs!). I lost my tortie in June and suddenly lost my little boy right before Thanksgiving. I couldn’t stand my quiet house with no little claws clicking on the wood floors! These 2 are siblings, half Sphynx and half short-hair domestic- the girl is a dilute tortie and the boy is solid dark brown, both with amazing aqua eyes! They have hair coats and they are beautiful-they took a while to get used to having an entire house to run around in but now they love it-racing from room to room during playtime! ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!

  2. Ingrid and Allegra, your card is so pretty! We wish you a beautiful Christmas, even if this year it is awfully strange. You still have Christmas in your hearts!!! Much love!

  3. Allegra & Ingrid,

    What a beautiful Christmas Pic of Allegra! Am sure Ruby agrees too! Both of you have a blessed & happy day.

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish & Nancy

  4. Merry Christmas to you and Allegra and the AngelCat Ruby!
    From Marie, Ande(my husband who does not read things like this, but is a cat whisperer), Sappholily our dear cat who thinks she’s a deer (just shorter —we have deer in our yard; our county is no kill and no hunting), and the AngelCats Gabriella Fuzzyfeet and Piper

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